I was able to live transpose!?!?!

I was having a session where I’d really messed about with a lot of parameters, mostly on one track, holding one step of a 3 step pattern (in grid mode) and tweaking like fuck. Good times.

Then I hit FUNC + PATTERN and went back to the original pattern.

Then, when I pressed any step button while that track was playing (not in grid mode) the track transposed according to what I was pressing.

It didn’t last long as I hit FUNC + PATTERN again as I wasn’t sure what was going on and I haven’t been able to recreate it since.

Don’t now if it was misbehaving as I’d been fiddling so much or what but just wanted to share.



While still holding the one step maybe ?

Ooh, don’t know. Maybe.

There’s a lot to back track on, if indeed it can be recreated.
Hopefully get some time tomorrow to delve into it.

Just to be clear, and edited my original post, it was just the one track I could transpose.

Chances are it’s some known behaviour I’ve fudged and misunderstood rather than discovering something new.

I’m sure I managed it again but fuck knows how and before I realised, I changed something and it went.
This time I was trying to copy a heavily tweaked variation onto a new pattern while staying in the current pattern. I fluffed it somehow then noticed the transpose happening. I think.
Like I said previously, it could well be some other kind of behaviour I am misunderstanding.
Both times I have noticed when really locking a step up, after a while, instead of seeing RST and the return arrow, it shows ERR and the arrow.


It’s not a great video but hopefully now shows it and proves I am not insane!!

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Confused … if you made that video, then you know how to reproduce it don’t you ? Or was that just luck that it happened again ?

Ha, sorry, luck that it happened again