Ideas for managing patterns and kits?


My patterns and kits are always chaotic on the Rytm. I am in a desperate need of a logical scheme that would make sense and which would alleviate my anxiety.
My biggest issue is something like this

  1. I have a kit, some patterns I like

  2. I have many ideas to change either just a little bit something, or maybe something more radical.

  3. I am in fear that I will have too many patterns or kits with no clear logical order and I will be lost in the chaos. So I don’t save my changes.

  4. I am stuck with the stuff I already liked, but the project is not evolving.

  5. When I do save my changes to other kits and patterns, I lose track of what is where and things start to feel overwhelming, which reinforces my original fears. Usually the “solution” is to find a new favorite pattern+kit but that defies having a project with multiple varieties of patterns, kits…

I know this sounds overly anxious but it is what it is. hope that at least some of you understands what I am talking about, and have ideas how to solve this conundrum.

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Come up with a naming convention. So the project is named ‘Example’ the kit is named ExampleKA1 with Kit retaining project name and primary bank or banks it links to. I still struggle with it aswell as I get lazy naming stuff and the other issue is relating projects across devices and knowing what is linked to what. The only way I see with this is keeping all project names the same across devices.

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