IDM Recommendations

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Have been diggin’ Geyzel lately as well, had the science cult on pre-order and took the chance to grab his aux-4426 on discogs, so Don’t miss out on this one:

Heard that there will be an upcoming release of him on touched revolutions (that label where the revealed ep was also released)

also Karstens work as Karen Lust is also preeeetty decent:

And lately this one is a daily go-to:


Awesome, nice tip

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There were some really good releases on Clone’s old Dub imprint. Autophonic’s Bathrobin EP and the Nummer Drie compilation were always favorites.

Definitely don’t sleep on L’usine’s Iron City, which was already mentioned above. They also appear on the Isophlux Records 1995-2000 compilation, which is a great introduction to that label.

The early Schematic comps contain some real gems, especially Lily of the Valley. Also be sure to check out Delarosa & Asora’s Agony Part 1 on the same label.

I was really into IDM and associated genres from like '97-'05 so I’ll probably have some further suggestions once I dig through some old records, but I don’t listen to it much anymore. It’s been my experience that a lot of releases haven’t aged all that well.


It’s was about the technology. These sounds had never been heard before. it was fresh.

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I always loved the point where IDM and hip-hop converged, but that felt like it came from the hip-hop parts of illbient and was subsequently replaced by the LA beat scene etc

It felt like the things I loved were always transient, centred around specific US cities,
which then ebbed away when the physical scenes died. For illbient it was NYC; IDM. was Miami and, to an extent Atlanta and Chicago; the beat scene was obviously LA. Those who were outside those locations just carried on doing whatever they were doing. Whether that was artists elsewhere in the US (like Dabrye and other Ghostly artists) or artists in other countries (Warp, Skam etc artists in the UK; Funkstorung in Germany; Funckarma in the Netherlands; Indopepsychics in Japan)


Yes! Always loved this track.

As to your point re: the illbient scene in NYC, definitely be sure to check out Weℒ’s √-1 if you’re not already familiar.


look on here and work your way through the best of year lists.

telefon tel aviv
orbital (a little more commercial side to idm)
aphex etc
autechre obviously
roel funken.
ambient soho compilations.
new electronica compilations
artificial intelligence compilations.
Art records
the black dog
R&S / Apollo records
K7 records
Firescope records
GPR recordings
A13 recordings
Neo Ouija
Warp records
CPU recordings
Delsin, balkan, analogical force, (these are a little more electro)
Gaming (his album has some brilliant tracks on it)
Touch Music on bandcamp is probably the more modern take on IDM, their compilations are probably the 1st things I’d buy if i wanted modern IDM… and then i’d go through each of the artists on the compilations and see the material theyve been releasing.
… inkipak, myoptik, min-y-lan, FSOL, plaid, john tejada, Dron, Keiss, Cephied,mike chillage , Yimino to name a few


I’ve always felt like Funkstorung were so ahead of their time. I mean, this is from 1999! Holy shit!


Yes! Shadowhuntaz were massively underrated. The stuff Non did with both Hermutt Lobby and Riow Arai is similarly excellent!

Man, I was so into We, Byzar, Wally & Swingsett, Ani, Spooky, Soulslinger, Ming + FS etc. I grabbed anything I could find on Liquid Sky/Jungle Sky/Home Entertainment (which, frustratingly, wasn’t a load over here)


Oh shit! I LOVED this track! A friend of mine at the time, M-Tech, did the cuts on it… and then stopped scratching completely and I’ve not had a clue what he’s been doing ever since!

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Needs to be a tad longer


Yasume :star_struck: