IDM Recommendations

Oh, man, I love this one

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She’s got a very distinctive voice and seems to have gone quiet for a while.

This is one of my fave idm tracks
The black dog - shadehead


Some many good recommendations here for stuff I’ve not heard - and so many good memories too.

As an unashamed big up, I’m mates with the guy who designed the album covers for the Artificial Intelligence complications - he’s a very cool man.

Couple of my favourites - these albums are brilliant:


Tom sent me up a bundle from the Warpmart including:

Prefuse73 - Vocal Studies sampler
Prefuse73 - Estro Caro EP
Ko-Wreck Technique - Ko-Wrecktion EP
Two Lone Swordsmen - A Virus With Shoes EP

…and that single package changed my perception of music completely!

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Strongly agree, whatever they touch becomes E-voodoo!

In the category “Idm which attacks other musical genres”, I also adore this given by AFX (even if it is quite useless to recommend it on this thread, maybe some people missed this title )


nice thread!
another one from 2002 :


Oh yeah, love me some Arovane. That album was a great listen start to finish.


On the microtonal side there is Sevish pretty active

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I think Siriusmo from Berlin could be mentioned here, since his music is very playful-quirky and melodic.

This “Lily of The Valley”-Compilation (2000) on the Schematic Label from Miami seems to me as most folks don’t know it, but it’s kinda special somehow, I like it a lot, because it also has a soundtrack-experimental-vibe in a way…

"Cover art by Designers Republic

Read what Simon Reynolds wrote for Spin Magazine "Various Artists

Lily of the Valley (2000) [Compilation]

More IDM–what the fuck’s happened to me? (Must be something to do with hardly making it out to clubs anymore–kiddies play time at 7-AM makes dancing 'til the crack of dawn a costly choice–so home-oriented stuff starts to make more sense). The missing link between 2 Live Crew and Autechre, booty and brain, Miami-bassed (forgive me folks!) Schematic showcase their roster’s flair for rhythmic convolution, texturological research, and low-end boom. Tracks like Takeshi Muto’s “Rotea” offer a captivatingly contradictory texture-blend of succulent and crisp, supple and fractured. Phoenecia’s “Yamuna” makes me think of that old sci-fi scenario, a glistening and refractory crystal-world where life emerged based around silicon rather than carbon. And Muto’s closing “Muto Love” is like courtly love for a future neo-feudal society: the sighs and suppressed sobs of a bummed-out bot besotted with the belle dame sans merci, his all-too-human but heartless mistress."


ballacids channel is crazy, I had a real dig through last night

found this track and also the nebulae label (Spain) . so damn tasty. what do u call this… is it like acid? that acidy synth line in there is so dope. What synth do U peeps rekn that is? (Btw I was thinking a Synth Id thread would be great)

I still think about this album all the time (Bogdan Raczynski - Samurai Math Beats)

Cepia and Arovane are awesome recommendations too. I really enjoy Cex but mostly the older stuff he did


20th Anniversary Tribute Album for Aphex Twin’s “Drukqs”


A (good) tribute to Drukqs and SAW, 30th anniversary soon.
Two mind-shaping albums, to be sure.

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Just came across this website. There’s a random artist option if anybody wants to go down the rabbit hole.


Also, a friend from Discord runs this IDM / Braindance radio station. Check it out!


Both Autopilot albums on Elektrolux.