If DT's M.LEN is INF, can I switch PTN?

I’ve set my pattern’s Master Length to INF, because I have an odd-lengthed track that I want adding spice to mah beats.

When I hold PTN + press a trig, the pattern change indicator in the top left blinks at me forever. It makes sense, I suppose, cuz the pattern never gets to M.LEN, I guess, but could I maybe please force a pattern change right now? Or do I have to stop the sequencer first?

In other words, how do I switch patterns, without stopping the sequencer, if M.LEN is INF?


Set your CH.LEN and you should be good. P32 in the manual.


haha! that worked.

and it worked so well, that as I was turning the knob, the pattern changed, and the new pattern wasn’t set to per-track, so knob G didn’t do anything any more ^^

Thank you!!! I should read what’s in front of me.

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Thanks Panelist!