I'm searching for a linux audio interface


I have a focusrite scarlet 18i20 mk3. Unfortunately it does not talk with linux, so thats bad, but I don’t want to use windows or mac.

My old Steinberg UR242 mk2 does, but only has 4 inputs. Great, but not optimal.

On Saturday I get hands on an old zoom r16, and as far I can remember it does not need extra drivers, so i think it should work with linux.
I think I need interfaces with “legacy usb” or however it’s called, right?
If the zoom does not work… I guess it works… I’d like to have alternatives…

What audio interfaces with at least 8 ins do you know work good with linux?
Don’t need much outs, but headphone socket.

It’s important to me that I can grab the ins each on its own.
I use Bitwig to multitrack, and Renoise too.

I have a Keith McMillen K-Mix and it worked perfectly in Linux with Jack years ago before I switched to MacOS. Any class compliant audio device should work fine. MOTU Ultralite Mk5 is class compliant, and also DC coupled if you’re into modular. (meaning you can use it with CV as well as audio) If I was buying an interface right now this probably would be my choice.


Indeed you wanna look at a Class compliant device. No drivers needed but some brands like RME include the software to access the settings and parameters within the driver, rendering a use under Linux quite undergraded IMO.


…check in for a metric halo solution…topnotch converters, topnotch summing, topnotch preamps, for the inputs as for the outputs and also for the headphone pre amp…

even 2nd hand a little more pricey, but running such an interface, hardwired via super low latency with a linux machine handling nothing but bitwig is a timeless and serious killer setup for decades to come…

no need for any further second thoughts on optimization and u never have to spent money again…

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“class compliant” it was :smiley:

I think i will look into MOTU Ultralite MK5, this fits my budget and has more than enough for my needs. Eurorack is bonus, 3x84he is what i have stuffed. Keep it simple :wink:

Metric halo looks really fine, but man, this is really really expensive!

Thank you all for your answers, that helped me a lot!

Behringer UMC404HD works well for me on Linux. If you do choose the Ultralite MK5, let us know how well it plays with Linux. Reports on it seem spotty at best.

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I see!
thx for the warning! If my zoom does nothing I will investigate in motu direction more.

I’ve found quite voices in the interwebs where they talk about serious problems with motu and linux. zoom is now my hope, don’t need more if it works well…
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Ideally my zoom (I borrowed it to my buddy) works good enough.
If i think about it I do not need send/returns or cv out from bitwig to my modular anyway. Perhaps I can save few bucks.

Don’t need more than 48kHz too, its more than enough. I’m no popstar and I’m not a sound studio :wink:

Scarlet 18i20 works well with Linux
But not with wine. Steinberg ur242 mk2 works with wine too.

Problem solved for me :wink:

Thank you all for your contributions!

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