I'm stuck in demo mode!

compact flash card - monster digital 16GB 500x
octatrack - only used in demo mode so far (bought it as a demo from sweetwater)
macbook pro 10.10.4 (newest model)

octatrack won’t mount my (new) CF card on the octa or via USB

it is not fat 32 formatted yet because when i turn on the octa it always boots in demo mode. i can never get to a menu. when the card is inserted it boots into demo mode but then crashes. when no card is inserted the octa boots into demo mode and works fine in that mode.

i can’t get to any menus other than the one by holding function down as i turn it on. i’ve explored those options but they don’t help. (yes, it does acknowledge the card as “OK” when my cf card has been inserted.

do i need to go buy a CF card reader or something? my macbook does not acknowledge the octatrack at all via usb so i can’t format it from my laptop.

any ideas??

Usb cable has to be first connected to computer, before you turn Octatrack on. Otherwise mac won’t recognize it. (If that’s the problem).

i’ve not a lot of experience of issues in this regard, you may get more focussed advice, but the way to turn on Demo mode seems to be to boot (without card) whilst holding Yes down
if you’re going straight to demo - maybe you have a sticky button, but that would also be evident within demo mode
shine a torch into the card slot to check the pins are all straight and don’t force anything or eject/insert too much
i’d try to format in the box first, assuming you can even get the card mounted?? a cf reader can be a cheap backup to check the card, but i’d probably put the money into another card as it’s best to look at using the OT as the reader long term - you basically want to get to the bottom of whether you’re purchase is needing a fix or whether it’s the card - i’d have assumed the OT would complain about the card, which hints that it’s not going in, slightly worryingly - don’t force it, check the pins look fine and tell the seller if it’s not taking any card - huh, good luck
ps check back in the forums (use google) for similar threads if any

@avantronica I’ve shined a light in and can see that the pins all look straight. it seems that the CF card is crashing the machine. i started it in demo mode and checked the buttons, played around a bit and then put the card in - instant freeze. i guess the problem is this (brand new) card. …or it’s a busted octatrack.

@snowbird i have been plugging in the USB cable before tuning on the octa, so that isn’t it. I think it might be that my laptop doesn’t recognize the octatrack because of it being in demo mode.

This wins best post title hands down.

Hi Tod
I had the same problem about two weeks ago.
I put the OT for trade or sale
when a guy came to my place to have a look because interested.
I open the box I put the cables and insert the card … all ok
but he asks me to set up in demo mode so turn off, take off the CF and
set up in demo mode.
The guy start to play and really enjoyed, so he wants the machine
but I want to show him a little sampling.
I insert the CF, I turn on the machine, but continues the demo mode…
I try again and again, empty reset … no card …
I tell him that there is a problem but he wants the machine, no matter with a issue card…
I raise the the price to buy a new card,
he gives me 950 euro and back Bari 270 km from here.
The next day he calls me to tell me that is not a iusse card
so he sends me the machine and I will give back him the money.
Now I’m at home, back with all three …
MM MD an OT (demo mode stucked series).
OT is in the box the other two are nicely on the table
I am waiting on Monday,
the store opens after holiday to send her in assistance …
Do you have good news?

Any follow up to this? Having the same issue with a brand new mkII.

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Did you run test mode?

Hold Function + Power
Result > Card OK?

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Hi and Thanks for the response!

It appears the memory card wasn’t completely set in the slot. I gently applied a bit of pressure and tried again and it worked. I’m still a bit concerned that it might have been a pin…but at least it’s out of demo mode now and appears to function normally. Now that I’m deathly afraid of removing the stock card, I think it will stay there. Can I get by with the stock card or is upgrading to a larger storage size necessary?
Thanks again.

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Well, it depends ofc if you mostly use drum samples/one shot samples or loads of loops and stems…

I’ve been working with my OT for few years, never ejected my card, still plenty of space there.
OT is my drum machine, I use single cycle waves and sample Shruthi, Micromonsta, Monotribe and AK for some slicing or synth loop mangling.

You can always use the „collect samples“ command from Project Menu which makes your projects independent from the Audio Pool and then delete some stuff on the card if you need space without having to worry about potential broken sample references.

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Thanks. I thought it might depend on the use and user, but figured I’d ask anyway (panic mode had my brain reeling.)

Stock card since 5 years. Once I turned of accidentally during startup loading files. Almost everything was lost. Back up is always recommended. Formated, worked properly after.
I planned to buy this :

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