Importing Samples With Embedded Loop Points?

Am I missing something obvious? It seems that loops/loop points are not recognized when importing samples via Transfer or C6 (though C6 offers the ability to select loop on/off/file when exporting - nothing seems to make it through to Digitakt). I understand that at its heart Digitakt is a drum machine, but given that there are loop functions on the Source pages, I hope it can/will allow this.

As I said, I may be missing something, so feel free to enlighten me…

Anyone? I keep experimenting with different samples on C6 and Transfer, but no luck. None of my embedded loops are recognized. Setting up seamless loops in Digitakt isn’t too awful, but it’s a bit of a mood killer. For clarification, I’m not talking about looped rhythms - but sustained sounds (like string pads, choirs) where the sample start and loop start are not the same.

(and no matter how I have the Loop button set in C6 set, the displayed sampled data in C6 always says the loop is “off”. Maybe I am misunderstanding something in C6.)

It may be worth noting that C6 can be used with more equipment than Elektron, so support for certain features in the front end don’t imply compatibility

I don’t have a DT, but if it’s like the AR it won’t play samples in the way you’re hoping

Any ‘looping’ will almost certainly be on a ‘whole sample’ basis

Thanks. The DT has the ability to play loops like I want - I can loop them manually in the DT itself, and it will play them just as I need it to (the AR works a little bit differently, if I remember correctly. Mine is in for repair, so I can’t check). I’ve been merrily playing samples from my PPG and Prophet-5 all morning, but I had to manually re-find the loop points in Digitakt.

However, for whatever reason, it seems like C6 isn’t actually seeing the embedded loops (it always shows LOOP as ‘off’ even when I’ve selected the 'FILE" option that will read the loop points embedded in the sample. The Transfer software gives no indication whatsoever.

It’s quite possible that DT can’t read those embedded loop points, but I think my problem starts before the samples actually get to the DT. Maybe Wavelab’s meta data isn’t being recognized by C6 (weird, as it is recognized by pretty much everything else I have ever used). I am going to experiment further this morning.

(the biggest trouble is that Digitakt is so danged fun that I get distracted every time I fire it up)

So the DT can selectively loop a middle chunk (or end) of a sample after having played through the ‘start’ ? cool, really ! - I doubt the AR does this, not that I’ve tried a sample with the metadata in place … i’d be surprised

I seem to remember that the AR doesn’t do it, but yeah, the DT does. It’s really very nice!

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I just discovered that while Wavelab’s embedded loop data was not being recognized by C6, it was recognized by DSP Quattro (another audio editor for OS X). Oddly, if I re-saved that same sample with DSP Quattro, the loop points would be recognized by C6. Alas, they were still not recognized by Digitakt.

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The AR doesn’t have the resolution, now whilst the DT has greater resolution, it doesn’t have sample accurate resolution so it would never be able to map loop points precisely (as in an editor) … maybe that’s why it’s discarded …

I think it’s something maybe @void could have thoughts/interest in

edit:I mean resolution in the sense that a user could dial it up in the device, that’s not to say the device couldn’t use accurate imported data internally


yeah loop points are ignored, both in AR and DT, no matter if using SDS(c6) or the new transfer protocol.


Yeah, I was thinking this too. It will be a bit of a drag to have to re-loop many years’ worth of edited samples to use in it. More importantly, and speaking as a professional sound designer, it makes creating non-percussive libraries a bit of a hassle, at least from the designer’s point of view. Now, hopefully Overbridge will address some of this. If I have to re-loop in the Digitakt itself and can then save and export the entire patch with the loop as part of the patch data, that would work, too - at least from the end user’s point of view.

It’s still early days - I am sure Elektron have plenty of plans yet for the software side.

(and yeah, @void to the rescue, maybe!)

Bummer. :confounded:

(I have, by the way, found suitable loop points from within Digitakt, and have been happily jamming out with my samples, regardless of this limitation :grinning:)