Importing .syx files

I’ve been wanting to hear the A4 samples from the Elektron website downloads section…
I want to make sure I don’t screw anything up, is there a way to import the .syx sound files without saving them over the ones I already have in there? … Let’s say I have 01 - 67 slots filled, can I start importing on slot 68?
If so, how? …Sorry newbie question maybe.

Yes, simple as that. Recently got an A4 myself and did this a couple of days ago. Just make sure you select the first vacant slot in the sample list. I sent the patches over one at a time, not sure if you can send multiple at once.

If I am remembering wrongly, I am sure someone will correct me.

Yes, you can do that.
When you’re using the C6 Elektron-utility you may mark multiple sounds, and the A4 loads them in order.
So, if you’ve marked 10 sounds and start loading at 68, A4 puts them to 68-77.

Thanks guys.

that’s good to know because the sound files actually contain a reference to the intended sound slot, so the C6 utility is changing that destination slot on the fly, sending from snoize’s sysex librarian e.g. (or your windows equivalent) wouldn’t allow that selected placement without tinkering