Importing .wav drum loops

Hello everybody. New Elektron Samples user here. Sorry if this has already been covered…but is it possible to import a .wav file drum loop into one of the tracks? (I can do it, but the loop fades out after one second or so.)

Also, I know that you can’t save pattern chains. Is it possible make 4 different song section drum patterns on the Elektron…export them…then create 2 minute .wav files of each pattern…and then import them back into the Elektron and use them as imported samples?

Thanks. Sorry if these questions are ridiculous, I’m new to drum machines.

Welcome! Hope you have a good time here.

For the loop fading out, check the decay on your sample. It needs to be set to infinite (INF) not to fade out (Model:Samples defaults to a decay of 64).

This is possible! Be aware though that RAM can only hold 64 MB (approx. 11 minutes) of samples across an entire project, so watch that limit and change projects as needed.

Getting the whole two minute loop to play all the way through will require a bit of creativity. Some combination of setting the Scale to 1/2 or 1/4 (so the sequencer advances at half or a quarter of the bpm), adding a conditional like 1:4 to your drum loop trigger, and/or setting the bpm very low will be required


That helps so much! Thank you!

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