Impossible to update Analog Heat MKI firmware for Overbridge 2

It seems impossible to upgrade the Analog Heat MKI to the latest firmware, at least on a Mac - C6 doesn’t even open any window, if I don’t restart the computer while C6 is “open”. And when it does, it doesn’t see the Analog Heat in Config. After hours of trying, I’m getting seriously frustrated. If C6 would be actual hardware, I would have already thrown it out of the window. Needlessly complicated process with what looks to me like a pretty archaic piece of software. Rage! Just kidding - I’m totally calm. But still somewhat frustrated. Can anyone help or has experienced the same issues?

Have a look at this:


Hi Dronebob, did you manage to resolve this problem? I’m having the same issue.

Cheers Mike

I’m not able to update my firmware to 1.2 its been stuck in the older beta version and just isn’t receiving the sysex file. I tried all day a year ago and then gave up. This occurred after I upgraded my OS to Catalina over a year ago because I got a new computer which came with the upgraded OS. Elektron as a whole has been such a disappointment. Considering I have had so many issues with all the updates etc. Right now when I go to use overbridge it just like “deactivates” whatever track the plug in is on. I’m guessing due to this firmware update. But honestly I dont even know anymore and may just give up at this point.

Heres an example of whats happening.