Impulse Array - Beneath the Scattered Disc

Hey fellow Elektroneers - here’s my album . :-

This is being released early 2014 on Steal My Oil Records, so you’ll be able to get it on iTunes, Beatport & probably Juno, but until then you guys can grab it directly off me at Bandcamp.

It’s built on a spine of Elektron gear : all drums are Machinedrum, the Monomachine is at the heart of pretty much everything, both as a sound source & the main MIDI sequencer & the Analog4 features on about 40% of the album too.

hope you enjoy if you check it out.


super cool! i remember a lot of these tracks from your previous posts and i’m def looking forward to hearing them all together.

congrats on polishing it up and getting it out the door! :+1:

Congrats Mark! Really looking forward to this!

thanks Duba’ & Nils - hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

I would love to check these out but unfortunately my ancient laptop pretty much freezes when I open Bandcamp, it’s such a demanding site.

Any chance of Youtube or Soundcloud versions of these?

cheers Barfunkel - yes, it will be popping up on other media soon…ish… :+1:

Incredible album, and superb artwork, well worth the wait, I’ll grab this tonight when on computer.

Awesome. Love the style on beyond the far orbit of eris, my favourite type of techno. Also the kick on Ixion:Plutino is fantastic. My fave kick on the MD has to be the efm when it sounds like a beachball but this one sounds like a goodyear zorb being bounced by a giant… Such good mixing on it all as well. Totally jealous. :+1:

thanks for the lovely feedback peeps & the support peeps. :kiss:

Joe - yes that is a bit of monster kick …keeping it under control in the mix was a bit of a feat actually…

cheers again to those who have checked it out. :+1:

Now with a little vid… :slight_smile:

Still listening a lot to this album. A personal fave!

cheers Nils ! :wink:

Things progressing slowly with the label, getting it up on iTunes etc etc…but seeing as the bloody thing took me 2 years to finish I’m not in any immediate hurry ! :alien:

thanks again to all those who have listened/ acquired - it means a lot. :+1:

this. is. dope.

listening on bandcamp and i haven’t made it past the first track yet but it’s quality work for sure!


can you talk a little bit about how you achieved some of your arrangement complexity?

are you a “jam the elektrons into a DAW and edit later” kind of guy, etc.?

i really like the flow of these songs…


cheers J.D - glad you enjoyed :+1:

I’m a straight-up stereo-jam to handheld recorder -guy - I ditched complex multitrack stuff a few years ago as it was that which was sapping all the vibe & fun out of it for me & making it seem like work.

I will usually do quite a few long takes & I try to pretty much nail an ‘arrangement’ live, by just feeling it out, but often I will comp bits of takes together in Pro Tools at the end to make the final arrangement I like.
Finally some of the tracks have extra bits of ear-candy, found sounds & some synth parts just hand played in & then I remix the whole thing back down to stereo.

But in the main these are just live stereo jams basically - it’s the only thing that works for me these days !

oh - check out this cracking mix from The Black Dog that’s just landed -

Beyond the Far Orbit of Eris by yours truly gets mixed in rather nicely I think :alien:

wow, i’m all the more impressed knowing you are doing 2-track live takes with minimal editing and embellishment.

nice work!


This is really good! And a huge production, sound-wise. Do you know when it will be out on iTunes – just looked, but I guess not quite yet?

Thanks for the support mate. Waiting on final release date tbc, but it’s going to be around middle of February.

If you can’t wait you can always grab it at Bandcamp until then ! :+1: