In case anyone else is wondering if sequencing a Yamaha CS-15 with an A4 works

It does

I couldn’t find a solid answer to this before I got my A4 so I figured I’d save someone else the headache. The older Yamahas are HZ/V but have a different range than say the Korg MS-20. You can sequence it with a sq-1 but it won’t go down to the lower 2 octaves. This took just a little bit of tuning on the A4 but it seems to be pretty solid across the whole range. I’m assuming this probably works for the CS-5 and CS-10, not sure about the bigger models though. If anyone’s interested I’ll pull up the exact settings I used, I don’t remember it off the top of my head though.


You would start with the same settings as for an MS20 in any case, whilst the MS20 will only give an extra 1 octave below the physical keyboard range before it gets wonky iirc (also won’t work if too high as the A4 is limited to 10v)

The MS20 Cs are 1v 2v 4v 8v
the MS will play a decent C at 0.5v (the voltage theoretically halves per octave down) (or doubles if rising) )

The A4 can be set to Hz/V with any two adjacent Cs following this rule, the offset will be depending on the selected A4 Cs

I think the issue with the SQ1 is that it has limited range (both for midi and CV) - I don’t think it goes below 1v (or 0.5) for Hz/V

The Yamaha must be set up to play nicely over a broader range than the Korg

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He seems to manage just fine? Sounds awesome @sublmnl!

Info offered for anyone interested in setting up A4 with an Hz/V synth

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Fair enough! :slight_smile:

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