In which case should I use USB to Main (dB) and how

15.5.4 USB TO MAIN [dB]
Sets the amount of amplification of the sound that is streamed over USB to the Digitakt main out when used with Overbridge or as a class compliant audio device. (0 dB–+18 dB).

In which case should I use USB to Main (dB) when working with Overbridge and how?

I used it a few weeks ago when connecting my Digitakt to an iPhone for external processing. Set INT TO MAIN >>> Off so I could hear only the processed audio, and USB to MAIN +12. Because the signal was low of course.

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That’s what I did but nothing happens. Maybe I need to understand where the signal starts and where does it end. I’m in the process of understanding all the little details from the manual.

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There is a good description here:

Are you sending audio over USB from another device to the Digitakt?