Inaccurate bounce of analog Heat processed tracks

I am using Analog Heat as a processing plug in via USB on track/s in Ableton. The processed signal sounds great when I play back the tracks through the speakers but when I try to bounce the track/s it sound random and “weird”.
Could you tell me what I should do using the
Analog Heat on already recorded tracks in Ableton?

Maybe it’s because you can’t do a non-linear “bounce” with the Heat due to it being real-time only?

I’d record the real-time processed sound to a new track, that should do the trick.

Unless I’ve misunderstood somehow…

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Could be some mismatch in sample rate or one or the other settings, check that.

Yep as mentioned you can’t do a bounce down. You need to put heat on the channel and record live back into the daw to process the sound

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You need to render in real time. One way of doing this is to add a dummy External Audio effect to an unused track in Ableton. This way, when you Export, Ableton will use real time and your track will be rendered correctly.

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I gonna join the crowd here, And add a +1 to :

“Heat has to be recorded in real time”

I got nice glitche samples by rendering its track directly though… :smiley:

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I’m using an old version of Sonar that does not allow you to choose another audio track as a recording source, so I am unable to record the output to a new track. If I bounce in real time, I still get artefacts. I have managed to get the Heat working in OB and recorded the output once, but I can’t remember how I done it. My workaround for now is to bounce my track to a .wav, import it into my Octatrack, apply the Heat and then record that. Pain in the arse but it works. I’m hoping the new version of OB will sort all this out.