Incidents that left a mark... (you promised me poems)

@onthebannedwagon shared a touching story about poetry and being accused of plagiarism.
And the loss of their mojo after they were hit by the false accusations.

I already shared an incident that prevented me from composing music for a decade.

Have you lived such an event that left you very uneasy and prevented you from creating?
Would you like to get it out?

You got all my admiration if you manage to get a track out of this.


I’m flattered and inspired by the intent. Let the healing begin!

I asked for gasoline, you brought me poetry.,…


Shotgun marriage and kids, I’ve yet to recover.


I shared this earlier.

What makes me sad is thinking about all those whom one will never hear from because they now keep far away from anything that reminds them.


…actually “u promised me poems” is one of my favourite songs by tricky…

writing lyrics was always a big part of my job description…

but until now, i never experienced any accusations of plagiaritism…
and even if that day would come, i always have good proof, that it’s me who came up with it…

but the basic concept of copyrights is slowly coming to an end anyways…i guess.


Wow, didn’t know such expression. Nor that this still existed.
You have my full compassion. Talk about a mark.


It’s very alive. It’s as alive as the expression Infinite + 1 (at least here in Quebec).

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Fifteen kids and a family on the skids,
I got to go for a Sunday drive.

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Twenty years later and it’s still all good. No complaints even if we took the unconventional route. It just put a damper on my band days and creative ways.

Side note:

Right around that time of abandoning any dream of music my father in law would make sure to tell me how bad my band was nightly. Yes nightly, we lived next door.

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand why he took so much pride in telling me I suck. Though I’d bet it had something to do with the shotgun wedding.


Form a cue and I don’t mean bring me a line…

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