Incoming midi > note numbers to sample select?

Just wondering if you have a midi keyboard or something like a launchpad > can you assign note numbers to trigger different samples? So i.e. if you had 64 pads you could trigger 64 samples (of the 128 RAM) on 1 Rytm pad/voice?

Or I suppose… maybe if you did velocity to sample select > you could set up incoming midi triggers to a specific value if you ran it through a DAW filter or had the right controller… though that would take away velocity expression, it would still work I think.

Well, you need to use MIDI CC 027 to switch the active sample, so theoretically this should be possible with a bit of MIDI remapping. It would certainly be possible with m4l at least.

As on how fast the sample swapping is, you’d have to test to find out whether this works well in practice…

Fyi… i just made a midi designer ipad app that has 8 long sliders that will change sample slot for the different channels. The samples do change really fast, can get some great glitch fx. But with this the pad notes have to already be on sequencer.

I am now searching a way to set up an ipad app with a large bank of trigger buttons all tied to individual samples by cc range… but right now midi designer wont let me make multiple buttons that have the same midi ch and cc# and maintain separate cc range outputs. Then i can set up a macro to have note on/ with whatever sample i want to trigger.

hmm, time to upgrade to Lemur perhaps? :wink: It’s a great controller app, although a little expensive…