Incoming USB MIDI Sync - Syntakt NO, but Rytm yes? Why?!


Squarp Hapax sending MIDI clock and transport messages to MRCC (via 5-pin MIDI)
Rytm and Syntakt connected up to 2 of the 4 USB MIDI host ports on MRCC - with LEDs lit indicating USB connection working.

Both Elektron machines set up to receive clock and transport over USB MIDI from MRCC.

Rytm responds to transport and clock info. Syntakt DOES NOT. Installed latest (1.20A)

What is going on? Syntakt USB config is set to USB MIDI, not Overbridge, and not USB Audio and MIDI (though, I did try all 3 configs with no luck)

My first inclination is to suggest try another MIDI cable, as silly as that seems. Have you tried that?

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It’s a USB cable to Syntakt, but your suggestion still stands…I should try a different one.
I have too much faith in cables I think :rofl:

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