Individual Track Volume


I have made a mixdown with all 8 tracks on the octatrack with quite low individual track volume.
is it possible to increase the volume of all tracks with the same amount so you dont loose the mixdown and what correspondace does the indivudal track length have to the main output volume?

I have made several “songs” in different projects, when you now want to play live and put all the songs together in one project but with different main output volumes you always have to adjust the main volume when you jump to another song and beside of that im trying to have a louder signal from the octatrack and not to adjust it only with external compression etc. effects.

so hopefully i can decrease the overall noise ratio and have all songs in one project with the same loudness without adjusting every signla track volume and loosing the mixdown.

i hope you can help. thanks alot!

so for example if you have a bassdrum with an individual track level of 20 and a snaredrum with a level of 18 so the difference is 2.
is it the same then when it comes to the mixdown if you increase the bassdrum to 120 and the snaredrum to 118 because the difference is also 2? or is it relative to the sample volume?

No Control ALL unfortunately as in DT MD…

Did you change AMP VOL or LEVEL ?
If you didn’t change VOL increase or set it to max.

If you set all tracks on same midi channel, you can control them all with midi tracks or external midi device, but with same values.

Set MASTER LEVEL to max too.

If using track 8 as a master with compressor on it you can use the comp gain to set all levels across “songs” the same.

Not sure if that would help as you mentioned your using all 8 tracks.

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hey thanks for your fast reply.
i would like to change the individual track level from a range of 10 - 25 to something around 100
the amp vol on every track is 0. but i like to decrease this on several steps to get more of a “live drummer feeling” so because of that its not possible to set the volume on max for each track.

unfortunately i like to have all 8 tracks ready for samples :confused:

is it able to just add the same amount of level for each track to keep the mixdown?
like in my example

I’d suggest a test. In a separate project. Set two tracks at levels with a difference of 2. Play material that is representative of your set.

Sample the two tracks playing at low levels. Save that. Then increase them but keeping the difference of 2. Sample that and save it.

Then normalise both recordings and see if there is a difference.

thanks. good idea. i will try it out and let you know.

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highly unlikely it’s linear - I’d suggest droning white noise, then ramping track volume (0>127) at a steady rate, you’ll likely see that the ‘fader’ is log/exp if you Monitor that output somewhere else with meaningful metering - so matching increased levels will require more earwork (or maths) I’d suggest


yeah unfortunately i also think so. i will give it a try.
but what would you suggest in this case for adjusting the levels and keeping the mixdown?

Your issue is one of the reasons I dont like how elektron dont display track level meters.

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some kind of A-B set up so you can check whether you’re straying too far from your original mix. I’d temporarily sacrifice one track and have that track playing a sampled section of my original mix, then bring the levels up while comparing.

I think any numerical solutions would be compromised by the coarse resolution, no doubt you can establish a rough dB relationship across the range and then based on the current track level have a rough idea of the nearest step for a doubling in volume, but it’d be time consuming and maybe not especially accurate and worth the effort - I guess I’d make a backup of everything as is and then raise the highest volume (numerically) track to 108 and pull the other ones up by ear

no doubt it’d be easy in a spreadsheet if you had the inclination to get close, but first you’d have to try to establish the relationship between Track Vol number and volume by asking/experiment/browsing-internet

whats the reason for specifically “108”?
in addition should i bring up the overall main to 63?

thanks for all your help. this is awesome

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I think that’s the default track level (not 100) it also allows you movement up/down

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This. Even though OT is a digital device, the output amplifiers are still analog and as such will not behave at a 1:1 ratio with the digital control circuitry.

Also, @Clancy has the right idea. The best way to find out is to test it for yourself.


15 % of 127 is 108 so you have 15% headroom