Individuals outs won't work in overbridge live 11

I have overbridge set up and running but none of the individual outs are working. seems like a simple fix. none of the tracks are muted. wondering if this could be an issue with the Rytm itself?

MkI or MkII? Which DAW? Screenshot of your template would be helpful.

MKI Ableton Live 11

The picture is hard to read but what if you use the IN (it should turn blue) instead of AUTO on each of the individual Audio Tracks?

tried that already. no input :confused:

Have you enabled Overbridge mode in the Rytm?

yes overbridge is enabled and recognized. I get audio through the main stereo channel but not the individual outs

I know there is limitations with the MkI related to the bandwith.

I sent a ticket in to elektron. I guess I’ll have to sell it and get the TR09 if they can’t solve the issue

You got 4 outs via USB.


The Analog Keys, Analog Four MKI, and Analog Rytm MKI are USB Full Speed devices, each with a maxi- mum bandwidth of 12 Mbit/s. This limits the number of audio channels that can be used at the same time without running out of bandwidth. Depending on the bit depth (16-bit or 24-bit), you can activate additional or fewer channels. For these three devices, the Overbridge Control Panel allows you to enable/disable the input- and output channels that you want to use to economize the bandwidth in an optimal way.

Depending on both your computer and your USB setup (hubs and other devices), you can use up to 10 channels at once. However, this might be possible only on highly optimized systems. On most systems, you can use between 6 or 8 channels at once. You will most likely be able to multi-track record all channels of both Analog Keys/Four MKI devices, and up to 8 channels from the Analog Rytm MKI, directly into your DAW.
Analog Keys, Analog Four MKI, and Analog Rytm MKI support a maximum of 8 channels per direction in Overbridge, and a total of 10 channels (in- and outputs) running simultaneously.

Yeah the control panel did it. Have to do 16 bit but that’s ok I guess. Thanks for your suggestions.

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