Initial sound for each track on A4 sounds different?

Hey guys:
There is an issue with analog four that got me very annoyed.

When I am trying to initialize all the sounds for four tracks, I hold the tack button and clear them, after that, I also hold each page and clear them all.

This should initialize everything right? But then I found this weird thing as every initial sound from each track sounds different somehow. I am pretty sure track 1 is the normal one. All others have this sort of movement inside them. It sounds like the initial saw wave is being controlled by filter and lfo and stuff, some feel like the pulse width is changing.

The difference is subtle, but really noticeable, and annoying. Does anyone have the same issue? Any suggestions on how to solve it? Or is it pretty normal?
Thank you very much!

Edit!!: Just found for track 2,3 and 4, there is still sound when I turn the OSC 1 volume completely down! And when it’s down, the movements are gone, it sounds pretty normal! When i crank the volume back up it start sounding different. Have no idea why this is happening…

I realize that it is the track 1 sound affecting all the other 3 tracks. When i turn the OSC 1 volume down on track 1, the others sound pretty normal…how to solve this guys? voice routing?

Check the poly settings on the kit. Maybe try starting a new project too just to start fresh.

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Hey thanks a lot man, I just found a solution form another post. I will show the link down below for anyone who has the same issue to check it out!


And just to make this list complete, muting performances may also help, because any active performance can influence the sound of individual tracks, too.

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Thank You!