Initiating chords on periphery

puzzled within the idea of how to achieve to get chords be a part of “rather intuitive” way of song writing with the OT.

Guessing a further periphery would be the most meanigful way,
I can´t get my head around so far what it should be (a MicroMonsta and a K-board, would that serve my needs?) to get that set up, but what I can tell is what workflow I want to prefer more the less which is:

The OT should be the main piece for composing the song (complex sequencing in the arranger at the end), whilst a (poly)synth should get controlled to play specific, defined chords (7th, 9th, 13th, etc…) along to it (while the OT is controlling this with -best- only one Midi track).

What I don´t want to do is to sample those chords… I´d rather like to go the composer kind of way of placing notes.
What I also don´t want is to fiddle around on 4 midi tracks.
Hope you may follow.

I’m not sure to follow, muscially.
Do you want to play chords with external gear only, with single notes on OT?
You don’t like to make chords with OT?
I have Micromonsta, I can try if I understand what you’d like to do. :wink:

MicroMonsta Chorder.

uh, excellent!

You´re absolutely right, as I find the fiddling around the pitches for each track rather unsatisfying.
Two approaches I can think of, after recapping again:

  1. Like the guy called “Monowelt” shows in his YT-video - doing it with locks, but maybe there´s a even more elegant or sophisticated way?
  2. I´d rather go with 4 notes per chord so maybe saving chord-progressions on a further sequencer (like a Korg Monologue features this with it´s keys or so?)

I guess I love the MicroMonsta too, seems to be a big peace of possiblities in a tiny footprint.

and yeah, 3rd:
Maybe you see a way if there is a saving function for the MM-chorder? With using 2 Midi-tracks on the OT one could tell the MM the pitch (e.g. ´D´), a second track could tell, e.g. ´m7´… so: ´Dm7´?

So, some chorder presets might be: maj7, min7, sus4, you name it.


You can send midi from OT to set it. :wink:
It’s NRPN, a bit tricky, but I could send some with OT.

wow, ok…!
btw… that is basically what I´d like to ´get´- please, if you look at the video below. Is this possible with the OT too?
I´d just would see a synth-engine like the MM see cramped in between, so the sound doesn´t come frome the DT, but from the MM, e.g.
What do you think, possible?