Input machines

I’m having a lot more trouble getting consistently good level without distortion on the MD inputs compared to the OT, especially with low pass filtered pads.

Anyone care to share tips for getting the most out of the input machines ?


I’ve been playing with this lately too. It can be tricky to get the sound level in the sweet spot where there is no distortion, yet loud enough to be heard without having to turn every other sound down.

I usually mess around with the volume level of the sound source, at the sound source (like volume knob on a synth), and find this can “overdrive” the sound on the MD (depending on what sound patch is loaded) if it is set too high. So start with turning your sound source down a little.

You can turn the DISTORTION level down on the MD, and that will give your sound more headroom (less distortion). Sometimes filtering out very low frequencies helps too, but your sound might start to sound thin.

Sometimes I have to turn the VOL level parameter of the INPUT machine (NOT the main volume knob) way up if the sound source is too quiet. But it seems to operate more like a maximizer, in that it flattens the dynamics of the sound by amplifying the quiet parts, but not the louder parts. It can sound okay for some sounds, and crap for others.

Another trick to get more volume from an INPUT machine is to turn the DIST up a bit. The sound will get louder without distorting, up to a point.

A technique that i just started to experiment with and have the best control with, is to run the sound source through my mixer where I can boost the signal with a (much more powerful) GAIN setting, and also EQ the sound in the mixer so it sounds good playing through the MD. But this works best for sounds being recorded into the MD, and maybe not the best if you’re changing the sounds source on the fly as per a live set.

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hey thanks. yeah it looks like we have been exploring exactly the same territory and come to similar conclusions !

i was just thinking to plumb my mixer in for this reason and also to separate out the MD kick and snare. it’s so hard to get them to punch through out of the stereo outs…

i’m a way from taking a set out live and will probably use OT, MD and Minitaur when I do…I just thought I’d give myself some limitations here and use them to learn more about the MD which has kind of been a little neglected while I’ve been focused on the OT.

FreeFall has listed good strategies here, but also fwiw:

…turning every other sound down is often a good approach generally for warmth and sound balance on the MD. Lowering track volumes (not to be confused w/ level knobs) gives you more headroom. Likely worth exploring in this specific situation as well.

thanks yeah. i usually start with all the levels fully up and the volumes set at mid way. it definitely helps with the headroom…

hi guys,

wanted to dive a little deeper into the input machines too, as i’m planning to route my airbase99 through the MD. i would like to make use of the input envelope machine (INP-EA/B) on track 15 + 16. as the airbase is loud as hell and has no main level knob, i guess i need to turn down the AVOL of the input machine. now i’m at a value of 5-8, which seems to be very low to me. does anyone know what the normal value of this machine is, means at which value the signal is not being reduced or boosted?

HI guys. Trying out using the MD inputs to route my ARytm thru, and wondering if each input is actually stereo, which would help for controlling the parameters on one track instead of two.

The MD inputs are mono.

hi guys … more MD love please! … I started a similar thread not too long ago, where I wondered why there are inconsistencies while recording with the input machines.

here a (very obvious) solution if recorded samples are too quiet …

resample … copy the sample that you recorded to an empty machine, play them both at the same time, and over-dub record them to a new R1 machine …

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