Input mixer

In the 1.3 version which is awesome, i dont know if its possible but can i use the usb in as source for the external sound instead of hardware in

What i want is to use my ipad and route everything out to digitakt and us the delay and reverb then send it back to ipad for recording all using usb only


Don’t know either! Give it a go and let us know what you find out

I think that’s a step to far using just USB… I think you’d have to run a lead out of the iPad headphones into the DT inputs to make it work like that… I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure to access the mixer features you need to use the physical inputs.

Seems like, just wantes to doubble check in case i missed something

A question relevant to both Digitakt and Digitone input mixer…

Trying to balance a synth coming in, against the internal sounds.

Should I max out the synth’s own volume knob, and then lower the DT input level to c. 20?
Or do something else?

I usually leave the external synth’s volume at around 60-70% volume.

testing this feature today
will report back

I usually hold FUNC and set the volume of both channels to 100, so it leaves some headroom in the DT/DN… then adjust the external synth volume to suit.

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Thanks both for the ideas.

I’m definitely looking for something reproducible, so this helps!