Input through OT sounding different to original source

I’m running audio from the recording output of my mixer into the OT and it sounds very different coming through the OT to the original. I have to same source coming out of the main output of the mixer into my Tascam DP32 recorder and the the main output of the OT also running into the recorder, thus am able to compare instantly.
The sound I’m hearing through the OT has a very fast tremelo type wobble and the bottom end in much less audible than the original.
I’m sure it’s got to be finger trouble but any ideas would be gratefully received.

Are you using both a Thru machine and Direct monitoring of the input signal?

Do you have any LFO or Scene acting on the incoming audio track (if any?)

What happens if you use a different track, or Part, or Project?

Changing parts/projects worked.
You are indeed the MASTER!!
Thank you.
Still doesn’t explain why though Peter.
I didn’t apply any LFOs or scenes or anything? Have gone through everything and nothing was applied.
Anyhoo, thanks again,


I agree. We can’t determine the cause unless we can replicate the problem.

At least you can proceed with your musical idea.

You’ve got it my man!
Thanks again.

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