Insert factory upgrade card issue

Just turned on my new Octatrack MKII and I can’t get past the insert factory upgrade card screen. The green light above card status is green so I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. I inserted the CF card that the Octatrack came with.

Create a ticket with Support, they will send you the necessary binary file to drop on a CF card - create a ticket and you should get it sorted pretty quickly (Monday at earliest would be realistic obviously) - you’ll need a CF card reader though as i doubt it’ll act as one until the upgrade is complete


Damn, I was so excited to start messing with it. Thank you ill send the ticket now. Do you think the issue would be fixed if I get a new CF card? I was planning on buying a 32 gig one anyway?

Nope - you need a small file to remedy this, it may be possible by another means, but you’d have to get those steps spelled out - the binary on the root of the card will remedy this, it is a small thing that should have happened before it was boxed up

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Damn :confused: and i think it was the last one at the shop I got it from. Well thank you so much sent the ticket and ill go and buy the CF reader along with the new CF card I want.

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You might like to browse the respective threads on CF card compatibility etc - it may not be a bad idea to pick up a Card anyway as prices are rising a bit due to a move away from CF generally, plus finding small CF cards may get trickier in time, it’ll need to be less than 64GB - otherwise i’d suggest seeing how far you get with a smaller set of sounds first

A reader is handy if you want to do prep on a card away from OT, but using teh OT as the reader is probably the best way to protect against card insertion issues in case the card gets any dirt in a hole and so on, nothing to sweat over if you’re careful and don’t force the card too much, the MK2 CF sits flush with chassis when inserted, so if it doesn’t feel right before that then don’t force it - should be fine

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Elektron support have been great with problem’s I’ve had tbh. If you are nice about it / patient they often will give you things like soundpacks to compensate you for things like this!
Not saying it WILL happen - just saying if you’re patient and understanding they can reward :slight_smile:

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