Inside an Elektron

Hi everybody, Recently I’ve found interest in the maker culture. I’m confused where to start learning because there are so many boards and environments to choose from. I’m curious to know how an Elektron device is made so i can pursue knowledge that is related.

P.S Does anybody know what amazing forum software they are using? i’ve never seen anything like it, its awesome.


Based on my sources who work at Elektron…

They spend approximately 87% of the time having fika and eating chokladflarn, 9% of the time faffing around making videos and jamming with the hardware, 3% of the time on marketing and pr, and the other 1% they spend on just throwing some random pieces of electronics into a box and give it a funky name.



They are mostly surface mount components and not really designed to be altered.

I would start with this, a very cool hackable digital analog hybrid (not sure of US source but it used to be Mutable Instruments):
Along the lines of Shruthi but all digital. The closest thing to making a Machinedrum:
Loads of analog projects:

Maybe later:
808/909 clones and controllers:


axoloti needs people like yourself

same forum platform too :wink:


Obviously not Elektron related but have a look at this:

It’s running axoloti too.

I’m looking forward to its release and I think it looks like a ton of fun. :wink:

I’m not sure if the beta is still open but maybe you can send them a message and ask.


SUPER! This stuff is amazing, I thought maker culture was awesome now it even better! I really appreciate it guys!

P.S. Posted more messages than i should have, getting used to this different forum software.

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As I understand it, Elektron boxes are powered by FPGA’s. The way to learn is to get a development board and go through the provided documentation. Even Adafruit is selling FPGA’s now:

Silicon Labs also has some nice dev kits for their MCU’s (ARM-based) and they come with some pretty good tutorials / educational materials.

This forum probably will not be a good resource for learning those things, though.

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Chokoladflarn… omnomnomnomnom!!!

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Thanks @undenjoe! I am so glad to know that tube-ohm picked up Shruthi. I had wanted to build one of these for a while, and was pretty bummed when I learned that Mutable dropped their small synth kits.