Instant pattern switching with Digitakt and RK002

I saw this video posted of some new firmware for the retrokits rk002 that allows the digitakt to instantly change patterns when it gets a pattern change command.

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Would something like this be possible with a Blokas Midihub?

That is a good question, I don’t actually have either device, but it seems to be some bit of midi interpretation that could theoretically be programmed into the midihub.

My guess is they are send a stop command a pattern change and then play almost instantly to get the near instant pattern change. You can set pattern change length to 2 steps in the page settings which is also pretty dang quick but yeah it isn’t instant.

I can actually try that out. There is no “trigger this MIDI sequence if this message is received” pipe, but we can chain Transform pipes to achieve the same thing.

We need two Transform pipes.

The first one is listening to Program Change messages and inserts a Stop message before the Program Change.
The second one is listening to Program Change messages as well but it inserts a Start message after the Program Change.

I don’t know how much delay is needed between the messages, so this solution might not work.

It’s morning where I live and I cannot test this until after the evening.

It kind of works to do what you said but it’s not consistent. Sometimes the pattern change gets queued instead of changed. I suspect that the messages are being sent too quickly and the Digitakt can’t process them fast enough.

So, apparently the RK-002 is Arduino based and you can download the source code. Cool!

If you take a look, you will see that it is in fact, a midi Stop, Program change and then Start message.

It seems that the Start message is delayed a little bit.

Only notes can be delayed on the MIDI Hub so I will try to implement a delay pipe with that.

Edit: I made it! I will extract the pipeline and share it here and on patchstorage!

Edit 2: Link to

It’s possible to do with touchosc
I only wish it was possible to start from middle of pattern

Try to send an additional MIDI song position message before the transport start message.

(resurrecting this thread rather than the big general RK-002 as my question is specific to this functionality)


i want to be able to use either the Digitone OR the MPC1000 (JJOS2XL) as the master sequencer in a set-up that uses the two of them as well as a couple of synths.

i want to be able to use one of them as a master/main sequencer and to change patterns on that one machine and have them cue/sync-up to a pattern of my choosing on the other machine via PGM changes on the master sequencer.

so far, very easy but both the Digitone and the MPC1000 have the issue above in this thread where they react to pattern changes instantly if they’re stopped, but while playing, if you have the pattern change to sync at the start of a pattern, the change will only occur once the current pattern has finished (or in the case of the Digitone, whatever the set Pattern CH LEN is (minimum of 2 - so it doesn’t really work for this either)

the hack around this is to create a linear sequence in song mode or whatever and place the pattern changes at a suitable point just prior to when they need to occur.

however, that doesn’t really work if you just want to have a bunch of patterns to loop and rearrange at will and just know that say, changing to Pattern 13 on one machine will automatically change to Pattern 72 on the other one.

so my question is:

so it seems that the way to fix this is surround the pattern changes messages with a start and stop message as per:

Digitone / Digitakt near-instant pattern change | Patchstorage

i was looking at the Blokas Midihub - which can do this and a million other things - but according to that patch, it looks as if that specific patch was copied from the Retrokits RK-002… so might be able to do exactly this for less than 1/3rd of the price (and being midi-powered a bonus)?

is that correct?

other than all of the other Midihub functionality, it seems as if the only thing I would lose is to be able to have a saved preset for the set-ups (ie. MPC->DN or DN->MPC) and would have to manually swap the cable around depending on what one I wanted to use as the master?