Intellijel Tete with Tetrapad

Finally got around to updating the firmware on my Intellijel Tete and Tetrapad and now works flawless. A quick patch demo:

Super fun touch controller sequencer for modular setups!

Thanks. I’ve been thinking about this one as a way to make my system more interactive.

It is fantastic! Definitely get the Tete expander as it makes the modular 10x better. I love having ability to create cv and pattern presets and save them for recall later. Having sequencer, looper, cv recorder, quantizer, fader, and tons more features in the Tetrapad/Tete combo is super awesome. Updating firmware was a bit of a pain but now it works as intended. I wish that Intellijel shipped it last year with current firmware as it did not work correctly until I updated the firmware last night. Now it will be one of my main tools for touch and loop/cv/sequencer controls.