Interesting Rig for Sound Design

Rigged up the Machinedrum with a couple of pedals…

The bassdrum goes through output F to an Octave Multiplexer and then to a Blackstar HT-Metal preamp/tube-overdrive pedal

The hihats go through output E to an Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress Chous/Flange/Resonant Filter pedal

Using a Behringer analog portable two track mixer to combine the signals of the Machinedrum (main input with 2 band graphic eq and preview button), flanged hihats from the Electric Mistress goes to the microphone input (with the mic gain trim turned all the way down) - this input also provides a two band-range eq, albeit with no preview button.

The output of the tube overdrive/clean preamp pedal is converted into a parallel signal on two rca leads that then feed into the 2-Track input of the Xenyx minimixer.

the output of the Xenyx mixer goes to a stereo rca input of the soundcard.

Makes for quite an attractive array of sound design options, without taking up a huge amount of extra space.


The three different signals are all going in the same direction. this does actually make it conceptually easier to grok and sort out quickly in a live performance stage setting. there is no further interaction between source and destination. the machinedrum makes the sound. the sound goes out to a destination and from there goes to the speakers.

It is simpler, especially in a live performance scenario, to just use the Master Stereo Output, but after some practise, and setting a couple of volumes, then designing a couple of Global Settings output templates, like switchable matrix redirections are easily achieved just by going to Global Slot 2 from Global Slot 1.

Suddenly, the options of realtime flanging, chorus, octave and harmonic overdrive all become available, as does realtime previewing via the “mute and send to headphone” button on both the main input and the auxiliary two-track input.

And it is this key ability, the option to preview through the headphones, that is pretty much essential to making the machinedrum truly a realtime progressive electronic gigging dream unit. (along with the preparation of some Patterns to have an ensured Trig for the Play-Record Machines Transition Technique).

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Would love to hear some audio!


replaced the eproms in a Prophecy, now using the mixer to eq the audio output from the Prophecy stereo output, also equalising the effected output from the headphone connection (via the Stereo Mistress flange) … a simple yet valuable sound design module via equalisation and mixing of dry/wet signals) …

Currently there is a simple stereo output from the Xenyx mixer into the Quatafire soundcard, although hope to replace the computer’s loop-recording function with an OT mkII if the rumours are true.