Internal Sampling Without Recorder Trigs

How can I sample internally without recorder trigs.

For example.

Tracks 1-3 are pickup machines and I want to resample the whole piece to track 4.

I turn track 4 inputs a-b/c-d off and turn source 3 to main

I press the record button + track 4 and don’t get anything and the only way I’ve been able to sample internally is with recorder trigs and it’s fine it’s just somewhat of a hassle having to erase the recorder trig if i want to record longer than the loop length the pattern is setup with

This doesn’t answer your first question, but- one-shot recorder trigs?

Also this might help: Sampling via rec trig why doesn't manual sampling? [resolved]

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Which record button?
For internal SRC3, it has to be REC3 (MKII) / MIDI (MKI).

Page/Scale + Clear is easier maybe.


Oh I see the midi + (Rec track) is how u do it on the mk1. Gonna try that out in just a bit and yeah if not clearing the trig after is coool I can handle that it’s just not ideal.

If you want to record without rec trigs, check also Rec Setup 2 > QRec
It quantizes recording start, and stop (if you use ONE2 rec mode).

Try one shot trigs too.

I’ll say it again for luck- one shot trigs :wink:

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