Greetings! So, tomorrow I have an online interview with Ableton. The position I’m trying to get is America Tax Specialist. The job called for either tax experience or a law degree. Since I have a law degree, am trying to change careers, and have always wanted to work for them (I worked for another German company, Meinl, years ago), I decided to go for it. So I managed to get an initial interview and am excited and honestly very nervous. I’ve saved my silly question for Elektronauts. Here we go: I’m rocking a beard these days and I’m liking it and so is everyone else. However, back when I worked for another German company (2007-2010), I noticed that all the Germans that used to come over to the U.S. office did not wear beards. I feel like maybe that’s part of their work culture, to be clean-shaven, but I don’t know for sure. So my silly question for the forum is, should I go totally clean-shaven (which is a pain in the ass honestly-it takes forever to get this thing off) or just trim it up and be myself and hope that things have changed a little bit? There you go. And cross your fingers, or pray, or send me some positive vibes. I really want and NEED this job. My teacher’s salary is not paying the bills and I’ve fallen WAY behind on almost everything so I’m trying to change my situation instead of just continuing to complain about it.


I doubt the beard will be the deciding factor but id definitely opt for a tidy up

A well groomed beard can only be a good thing


Wash it and groom it.
Since hipsta times it’s no problem.

Just don’t do a too slim mustache, could raise brows. :joy:


I can’t answer the beard question, but if you’d like to drop my name please do so. I’m kind of a big deal amongst my school’s staff.

Good luck, look forward to hearing some insights about working for Ableton.
I also suggest you rock the following. Sanford Dole was a scumbag, but the dude sure could rock the beard.

Good luck on the interview!


No one us going to pass you over for not having the beard. If I was even compelled to ask the question, I’d shave it off. Once you’re hired you can grow it back if they don’t mind it.

Good luck!


I might be getting mixed up or going mad but isn’t it Germany that doesn’t let people into clubs that have beards?

Edit: Now I’ve written this down it sounds even more insane that when it popped into my head. Maybe it was a fever dream…

Oh and yes good luck!! :crossed_fingers:

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That can’t be, most the door staff I’ve seen pictures of rock some facial hair. Maybe there is a tremendous amount of self loathing going on. And yeah, that first sentence was not a very sound factual bit of evidence.

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Yea I can’t find any reference to this I might just be losing my mind :sweat_smile:

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Thanks everyone! Certainly cheered me up! Guess I’ll decide tonight. After I’ve done some more homework on new tax laws for overseas companies doing business in the U.S.! Fun huh?


Good luck on your interview.

Ive found that German work culture is very hierarchical (compared to Swedish) and a bit stricter in terms of work atire, atleast for engineers.

But a beard shouldn’t be a problem.Tidy it up and knock ‘em dead!

Good luck mate :+1:t2:

Shave off the beard, but then glue all the trimmings to the top of your chest and leave enough shirt open so everyone can see it.

Germans fucking love that shit.

Oh and good luck.


*David Hasselhoff has entered the chat


you already have a law degree and have history of working with German company, there’s your resume!
Ableton is a music products company, they work with artists every day, beard should not be a factor :wink:
tidy it up and good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Happy hunting, keeping you and your family in my prayers

Good luck!!

Hmmm…I’m a tax accountant…I dont like my current job…what is the hiring link? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry about the beard. Better be prepared on the required skills and tricky questions. Also knowing about the history of the company and its products is key as in every interview. And if they don’t like your beard…f@&€ em, you wouldn’t be happy with them anyway.