iPad alternative to Push scales mode?

Hi. I really like the look of the scales mode; I’m not a great keys player, and really like the idea of being able to play a chord type across the scale without changing shape. But I can’t currently afford a push, so was wandering if anyone had experience with similar isomorphic key/pad apps for iOS.

I have Sound Prism 2 but it doesn’t work in quite the same way, nor does it have the same preset scales. I have been considering Touchable 2 but it doesn’t seem to do core midi, so think I’d have to go through Ableton. Is there any similar app I can use to control externals without going through Ableton.

touchable 2

Musix Pro?



Thanks guys, I think I’ll give Musix Pro a try as it’s cheaper and has core midi. Will probably get Touchable 2 eventually but for now I just want the scales.

I have Musix Pro, but I did not get it to be an Ableton controller.

I actually don’t have Touchable since I’m using a Push, I will pick it up though if it goes on sale. :slight_smile:

Hello fellows,
I will permit myself to enlarge the discussion and wondering if IPads apps won’t be an alternative solution to boost the abilties of our gear (Elektron one’s, i mean). This reflexion appears to me when i saw the video about " Bonanza machinedrum apps" demo…
Any suggestion about such products ?