Ipad/iodock2 or Blofeld Waldorf for live?

Hello i bought a sub 37 but i don t use it so much and it s too big for live gig ( i already have a dark trinity … ) so i decide to sell it and buy a Moog minitaur ( just for bass ) and i really miss a real polysynth (at least 4voices …) but i can’t buy a prophet or other analo polysynth … so i have to decide fo a VA i really like the sound of the Blofeld ( i really get impressed buy some exemple on Youtube ) but i also really like some synth on ipad like model 15 … i already have an ipad2 and an iodock so if i go with ipad i would sell mine and buy and ipad 4 but i don t know if it s really reliable for live situation ???
Thanks guy if you can give some input … :slight_smile:

as long as you just want to play sounds I would say that an ipad with some apps is the right choice…
but if you are into manipulating sounds while playing live I would recommend a real synth with real controllers…

If you consider a hardware synth also take a look into the micromonsta … It is an 8 voice synth and sounds good with built in arp / chord and some effects like ping pong delay and chorus…

I understand your struggle as I’m in a similar position.
I have a Blofeld and I’m considering selling it and just stick to Korg Gadget, Samplr and a few other synths on the Ipad.
I can’t decide…

The Blofeld has some amazing filters and I love it sounds, but programming it can be frustrating, especially in a time when I’m getting more and more used to use my fingers.
The matrix is built in a very logic way, you have your oscillators (1 and 2 have the wavetables too) and they can be freely routed to the 2 filters in various amount.

Then you have your 2 filters, parallel or serial, with plenty of options, nice sound to them, different distortion types per filter (You can stack up to 3 distortions in total 1 per filter and one on the master).

Then your usual envelopes and lfo and a final modulation matrix.

A monster of a synth (I had a Virus TI at the same time and kept the Blofeld and to me it sounded better) and the factory patches (Or the random patch generator) really make it shine, but there’s lots, lots of menu diving and this can really kill the flow.
I think it’s easier to program something on the Blofeld if you already have an idea in mind, it’s not really a happy accident synth.

Gadget for example offers much more immediacy, a nice choice of dedicated synths which really shine at their job and offer a nice tactile experience, but I don’t think they sound as crisp or clinical as a Blofeld.

I heard lots of praises for SunRizer and Nave, but haven’t tried them yet, they might tip me towards using the Ipad more.

The way I see it, I might start creating patches on the Ipad, export to wav and bring them as samples on the MPC Live to create instruments and layer them.

Thanks a lot for the answer !! i think i can also use Octatrack for midi CC and control the ipad for live performance but the question is i am a bit afraid for crash in live situation …
I will check the micromonsta :slight_smile:

And yes what i heard the blofeld is quiet impressive !!

I don’t have the Blofeld but I do have a Pulse 2 which has a pretty similar interface. If you’re planning on tweaking things live I don’t think Waldorf’s matrix interface is all that helpful - the endless encoders mean I’m never quite sure where I am. This is fine when I’m constructing a sound in the studio as I can refer to the screen, but if I try to tweak things live it can be a bit of a pain as there’s no real reference point for where the values are or where the relevant knob is on the synth (unlike the Sub37, which has a fantastic interface), and I can’t tweak knobs at the same time if they’re not on the same ‘row’ of the controller matrix.

That said, the Blofeld is by all accounts a fantastic sounding (multitimbral) synth. The iPad is more flexible though and some of the apps are incredible (I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Model 15). But if you’re worried about iPad crashes you could always buy the Blofeld and use the Octatrack CCs to get around some of its interface issues.

Thank you very much that’s exactly my thought with the blofeld and octatrack CC …
Nobody use an ipad live with success ? Maybe i should create another topic on that subject …?

I had Loopy running on an iPhone 4s hooked up to my guitar pedalboard for a while without issue. I’d always make sure to put the phone in airplane mode and then hard reboot and never ran into any issues. I only stopped using it because I got fed up of having to remember to charge the phone before a gig - a couple of times I forgot and got more worried about the battery running out than what I was playing. The last thing you should be thinking about on stage is whether your phone has enough charge in it to get through the gig…

Ok this is a good news :slight_smile: