iPad Pro (USB-C) line input

Hi all.

Wondering if anyone has found a good solution for this. I’m thinking of streaming via Facebook, but want to take audio from a desk.

So, thoughts on getting audio into an iPad Pro, with USB-C? Thanks!

You can just plug any audio interface into it. If it’s a different usb just use an adapter, works fine. Never streamed on Facebook so not sure about setting that up if that’s what you’re asking though. The newer Scarlett interfaces are usb c

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I have an RME Fureface UC. Doesn’t seem to work with the iPad.

…but I think I’ve cracked a better solution anyhow! I have an old MacBook, which I can connect the Fireface too. A/V streaming works using that.

Couldn’t get it working previously, but looks like either Facebook or Google have fixed the streaming option from Chrome.

So, good to go! :smiley: