Ipad vs Ipad Pro

How many of you du use an Ipad Pro for Music making or in general? Maybe M1?

I have an 2017 Ipad and find it to be kind of choopy.

I have heard many people say you don‘t need all that Ipad pro power because Audio and most Apps would still use one cpu core. I testet a pro and the experience was quite good in terms of UI but its much more expensive.

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The M1 is required to use Stage Manager, the multi-window UI coming in iPadOS 16. That looks pretty handy for music apps.

Some music apps also use the multi cores. Cubasis is one, I think. And the newer iPads have more RAM.

The other advantage is that the M1 will last longer, in terms of being able to run future OS updates.

Don’t buy anything now though. There should be new iPad Pros next month. Even if you don’t want the new ones, it should mean price drops for some older models.


Ive got a 9th gen bog standard one. 256gb.
It kicks ass. Dont see the point in a pro, not for my use anyway.
Its 95% for work. 5% dicking around on music apps like mirack, Tal Juno, and iVCS3.

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Hopefully there are not such massive price hikes like on iphones. Which would made me say no.

Here in Europe Iphone 14 now is starting at 999€. Ähm no

Stage Manager makes sense. But I also had the impression that the 120hz display makes a difference.

Is someone using a pen?

I’m using the iPad air m1, it’s more than man enough for anything you might throw at it…


I bought an M1 iPad Pro this year after having a 2015 iPad Air… they’re like night and day. I haven’t found a way to make the M1 hang or struggle yet.


using the ipad 2017 and it still does the job for me


I did not know that the Air has the M1 chip as well. I´ll have a look into it. Maybe there is not so much difference between Air and pro, but I think the Air lacks the 120hz if I´am not mistaken.

I just bought an iPad Pro 11 a month ago, in part because I was worried about the price jump. Here in Poland we had a very big jump in the price of Macs (and even bigger now iPhones). Before that, I was using a 2019 Air.

The Pro is more noticeably faster, but it’s not some difference that would speed up my work - however, such smooth performance is more pleasant to use. I use the iPads mostly for making music in Drambo, reading books and www. I don’t watch any movies or play games so the 120hz screen is meh for me. The pro has cool speakers, sometimes they come in handy when I’m already in bed and want to do some song arrangement. I managed to buy a pro at a good price, if not I would rather buy an M1 Air.

I once had a pen, but after a week I returned it, it completely did not work for me. Maybe, for example, in mirack would be useful, but for Drambo for me not.

I used Patterning 2 app years ago, and been most recently enjoying Samplr, really cool one that feels like an instruments once you loop and jam.
My iPad is old now but it does the job right however I’m mainly using one app at once.

I think most of the reasons I went for an M1 Pro - for example the second gen Pencil and USB-C - are now on the Air, so I’d be very tempted just to go with that if I was choosing today, and spend some of the difference on apps or more storage. The speakers are nice, the camera has been fun to play with as my phone doesn’t have LIDAR, but all the core stuff now seems to be on the Air. Maybe Promotion would make a difference if I compared models, and I’m not sure if the USB also being Thunderbolt / USB4 is significant…. but it was a tricky choice at the time, and seems more so now.

Either would absolutely be an excellent choice for music apps, at any rate.

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I don’t think thunderbolt is significant right now on iOS unless anyone develops audio interface compatibility or AVB audio compatibility

My money would be on an iPad air, I don’t think the pro features matter right now for music production.

Just took a look. If you want to update the air with bigger storage it will cost the same with 256gb as the pro with 128gb. The base Air has just 64gb which is a little bit on the small side. But 128gb would be fine.


Yeah this was my thinking entirely, if your a design professional working with iPad then the pro features are compelling, but if you just using it for music production then I didn’t see the point, in the end I just went for the maxed out air… it’s very nice in all respects…

I have an old iPad (probably bought it 2014) that I use for one purpose in my studio: the interface for my Eventide H9 pedal. It doesn’t hold a charge at all, after leaving out on the roof of my shed at my cabin for an entire winter, so I just keep it plugged in, sitting on top of my main midi controller. I have wanted to find other studio uses for it, like incorporating music apps into my studio, but nothing really grabs me on the iPad, even though I know there’s a ton of cool stuff out there. maybe it is the screen size. If I were going to buy an iPad Pro, it would almost entirely be for the bigger screen size, not the internal computing power.

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I’ve got a refurbished iPad Pro 11" 2020 (not an M1 version) and it’s great. Honestly, the main reason I wouldn’t buy the regular one is it using a non-standard connector and being a pain in the ass to charge, otherwise I’d probably have gone with it.

I bought an iPad Pro M1 mid year. Have installed quite some plugins and stuff on it but still have not yet used it that much.

One thing I found relay cool was that you can connect any iPad via USB through a hub or camera connector to the DT and then use USB audio and MIDI to play VSTs via the DT sequencer. And that in parallel to using the analog audio in and MIDI jacks to play another synth.

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totally forgot about that. Syntakt can do the same right? So Syntakt is esentially a audio midi interface for ipad. Sadly it can´t sample and sadly octatrack can´t connect.

does rytm connect to the Ipad as well?

I think it can but can’t check right now…

I do it every night.

M1 Pro 12 inch