iPhone USB / lightning proper adapter?

Hey guys I just bough this Lightning to USB Camera Adapter,USB 3.0 OTG Data Sync Cable Adapter to use between my iPhone 12 and Analog Rytm Mkii. First test was to try and direct sample from the phone to the sampler, and the audio wouldn’t go through at all. When plugged in I can still hear the audio playing from the phone speakers, as opposed to when you for instance plug in headphones and it immediately reroutes through the output, so that seemed like a sign it wasn’t working properly too. Did I get the wrong adapter? Is there some step I’m missing here?

You’ll want to buy an Apple branded adapter, instead, unfortunately.

They simply work as advertised.


Ok thanks, so just to be clear, I was looking at the right “type” but wrong brand you think? This is what you’re talking about? Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

You could use an apple TRRS to TRS adapter then use a mini to standard TRS split L/R adapter.


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Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F7KJDIM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_MWQDV6JDG80DS7RJB16G

This is the way…


Ok I see now, thank you!

I use the generic Amazon ones. You’ll need one with power. The ones without the lightning Moore for power will only supply a few ma of power (like 100ma). The ones like you posed in your original post also won’t power the iPad.

I’ve been using these with no issue for years: