Is Freezing normal?

A couple different times the OT has just stopped playing and stopped responding, frozen. Is that normal? Or might I have a defective unit?

I’m guessing that’s probably not normal.

Hi, Tarekith, you’ve had an OT for quite a long time, correct? Its never done that to you?

i can make mine freeze with my (maybe faulty) iConnect and receiving clock through it from the OP-1. standalone it crapped out on me only once

I have been running it sync’d to midi clock, maybe its more likely to happen in that scenario.

yea I can reproduce mine freezing pretty reliable when switching OT on first and then have the master clock coming in… i quickly gave up on this as I felt that the OT clock is much more steady anyways

where does your clock come from? (out of curiosity)

Well, still experimenting with integrating the OT into my existing setup. At first, I was sending wireless MIDI clock from Ableton to iPad and routing that via iRig Midi to the OT, because I designed a Lemur template to help control OT. That worked better than you might expect, but there was the occassional hiccup where the OT would lose sync and slow down/playback funny… although I dont remember that crashing/freezing the OT. Now I’ve changed it up so that the clock comes from Ableton hard-wired direct to OT. Clock doesnt hiccup so far, like it did before, but it did freeze under this scenario last night.

I originally tried using OT as Master clock but Ableton did not like that at all. I think Ableton is known for having clock issues, but I dont know any specifics.

I have frozen the encoders during a show once. I think it had to do with the fact that the octa was slave. It didn’t like it because it is master to all.

It can freeze when its realy, REALY cold… Sorry. :S

Not the same box but my A4 froze up last night completely unresponsive with any gesture but audio playing fully intact. I left it for a bit whilst I had some food n tha but was the same when I went back.

On and off fixed it. Scary shit.

I think they all do it from time to time… :frowning:

mine does that too from time to time, sometimes when i go really haeavy on mutes and unmutes with the function button, not sure but i think sometimes it happens when i´m accidentaly hitting function and cue the same time …

no, no, that is not normal.
if it would be, I would sell my OT.
I do not know anything about the master-slave-confusions, since I only use the OT as master. But with this I had not more than 2 maybe 3 “freeze” accidents since the first day. And no freeze now for over a year of heavy use.
My OT behaves very, very reliable. It has to be that way. It’s a live tool!!!

Pardon…would you sell it specifying that it has this problem, or not?

Furthermore…for the guys having this issue…first path to follow is: contact HQ !

I can never replicate the freeze.

@sicijk: I would sell my maschine, if I were disappointed by its reliability as a live tool.
This is not the case!
I can abuse it with sampling, MIDI, p-locks, pattern and bank-changes and all the fun, in a live situation. The sequencer just goes on and on.
So it is not going for sale.
Anyway I would not sell a broken device to someone else. First I would try to get it fixed. Or at least I would not sell it without telling the buyer about all mistakes and issues I experienced with the machine. Anything else would be lousy.

My OT kept freezing and it turned out to be a faulty port in my new power multibox. I changed the multibox and it hasn’t frozen since.

I had same issue as yourmama…usually the machine is ending up freezing after using mutes a lot and functiun button…

I locked up my Octatrack the other night by leaving the USB cable plugged in, after I’d “ejected” it from the computer. I wasn’t able to change from Track 1 to any other track, and other controls also seemed non-responsivel.

So another lesson learned: Only use a USB cable as long as you absolutely need it, and when you’re done, unplug it from the OT ASAP.

Nope. Never had this issue. Try to use another compact flash card.