Is it normal to prefer other’s work over my own?

I agree/ If Thom Yorke thinks he’s writing crap then its par for the course.

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I’m Normal then. Oh no…Now i think i’m boring. :frowning:


Music is such a subjective thing, it happend to me many times, that people raved about tracks I thought were pretty shite. Since then I just make music as much as possible. :smirk_cat:

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You’re not boring. You got this thread going. That’s an accomplishment right there :facepunch:


It’s normal, but after 5+ years of practice and dedication I started to enjoy getting my own tunes stuck in my head. Often trying to find new electronic music bores me and I would rather just go make my own. I have a strong confidence in my abilities, but it took time and $$$ to develop.


I gave up when the hatemail overshadowed the music sales. I think that was a good indicator for me.

If youre not getting death threats, then keep producing!


Your music is probably better than mine, but I still listen to mine and sometimes I’ll be spaced out and semi-forget that I’m listening to my own music and I’ll be swept away thinking “man! This guy GETS IT!”

In the sense that, what you put into the music is a summation of all of your experiences and perceptions. Perhaps you don’t dig it because it’s ordinary as a result of being in your head all the time- as everyone does. BUT, you’re the one most capable of relating to all the things you’ve been through and experienced.


I think it is pretty normal. I dont think it is the “imposter syndrome”, but at least for me its more about knowing everything i did to the track. And i´ll think that i only pressed play on a couple of sequencers, tweaked a couple of knobs and thats it. But when i hear other peoples music, i hear the song as it is. Not as individual parts mixed together like i do with my own stuff.

I think it could relate to other stuff as well. If you find out the “secret” the magic disappears.

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This is exactly where I’m at but it took me from my teens to my late 30s to get there :sweat_smile:

But I gotta say that after endless listens to the most minor of things in the composition, mixing and mastering stages, I can’t tolerate another listen to things once they’re released, which actually makes it very hard for me to promote releases with any sort of genuine enthusiasm. It takes me a good few months of forgetting things ever got produced until I can go back and listen again with a bit of pride in my work. Of course, there are things I would love to change after listening back later on, but if I always held off, I would never release anything ever. Sometimes, you just gotta let things go and live in the world. And who cares if it’s only my mum that buys it. At least I can say, I’ve given it my best shot!

Anyway, onto the next release…


That happens to me when i listen to something i did awhile back and had forgotten about.

Note: “awhile back” could be yesterday because my brain has gone bad. :wink:

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Totally normal to listen back to your own work and think ’ ugh this is shite’.

Totally normal to listen back to your own work and say ’ dayum! This shit is amazing! ’

Totally not normal to think ’ all my work is inferior, maybe I have a syndrome '.

The one and only reason to make music is (drumroll) - you enjoy doing it.

Anything else after that is irrelevant. If you love what you’re doing, keep doing it.


Same! You got any music so that one damaged brain can listen to another?



I havent crawled back to being on speaking terms with my muse yet

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You’re not alone. I also prefer other people’s work over yours.


I’m kidding I’m kidding :slight_smile: I’ve never even heard your work.


Send your shitty tracks to a real Producer. If there’s one statement that’s made my eyes roll for the last 20 years coming from electronic musicians it’s, “I’m a music Producer”. NO. You’re not.
(Ok lots are now, so contact one ASAP)
My point is, cool, we’re making music. Literally, producing it. But there’s people out there who can take my shitty demo tape and turn it into something that even I like. They’re called Engineers and Producers. Take a shitty pub band like joy division, add a decent engineer and producer, BOOM.

PS, I suck. But I’m sessioning Bass for bassists who have good rhythms, but can’t play :money_mouth_face:

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The Deception episode of Radiolab might be worth a listen. Fast forward to the 50-min. mark, where some researchers came up with a set of embarrassing questions to figure out who excels at self-deception and who doesn’t. These questions were tested on a university swim team. They found that the swimmers who excelled at self-deception, also excelled in swim performance.

“We believe we are invincible, otherwise we have no chance of accomplishing our goals”

So I guess this self-deception tactic is a way of counteracting the feeling of being an imposter. Your realistic side tends to be pessimistic, so sometimes you need a dose of optimism, however self-delusional, to cancel out the pessimism, to accomplish your goal. That’s one of the ways I was able to get onstage in Las Vegas to play electric violin with the band, and cope with the possibility that technically superior violinists might be in the audience - particularly the violinists of Sub Rosa, which was another participating band in the festival.

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You creeped yours out, too? I’m kinda on speaking terms with mine- but each message I send her I try to communicate a tone that I won’t fall in love with her again

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I know what you mean. Ive listened to demo tapes of music that went on to be huge. And even the Beatles demo tapes were awful. But under a good Producer he turned them into magic.

You made me laugh without even the apology bit. I didnt take it personally. :smiley:

We should do a thread. Who can produce the worst track. Anybody interested? The winner gets notoriety.

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