Is it possible to copy a pattern sequence without a kit?

Hi there,
Is it possible to copy a pattern without the kit?

Lets say i have 16 patterns all with different kits.
I make pattern 1 nice and I want to see what it sounds like with a bunch of different kits.
I copy pattern 1 and paste to pattern 2. Unfortunately this seems to also copy the kit1 to pattern 2.

Is there any way to just copy the sequencer data without the kit?
That way I can quickly copy the sequence to all 16 patterns (ie kits)


It’s not copying the kit, per se, but copying the kit assignment.

When you copy and paste a pattern, the resulting pattern must be linked to some kit, since all patterns are linked to a kit.
More often than not, the user would prefer to have a pasted pattern reference the same kit as the pattern it was copied from.

So you’ll just have to assign a different kit to it, after pasting. This is relatively painless thanks to the kit browser.