Is it possible to midi control eventide H9 via elektron sequencer?

I’m curious if I can crazy rig the vast effects of the H9 through elektron magic. I’m figuring yes, but want to know if someone has done this

Lets go with yes, if you can send midi cc, and receive midi cc, sure, why not.

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I hadn’t thought of merely checking the manual, which might answer WHAT can be controlled by midi :smiley:

I just I just prefer talking on this forum…

Thank, Rusty

Fair enough :slight_smile:

My experience with Eventides (H3000, H7600, Orville, H8000, Eclipse, Space) says they have good midi specs; so will be easy enough to control.

Just use your Elektron (OT?), map the CC’s and away you go. Should be fairly easy.


Indeed! Have not yet tried automating my H9 with the OT yet, but the H9 has a full MIDI implementation, down to the point where you can even assign the CC numbers it listens to! On top of that, the devs at eventide made sure the looper algo on the H9 clocks tightly to external midi. So yes, yes and yes.

I Can imagine all sorts of crazyness with setting an fx loop with OT & H9 and adding some midi CC sequencing into the equation :content:

If you’re running low on free CC’s, remember the macro knob control of the H9 - it’s like having the OT crossfader inside the H9


Interesting. I’m intrigued with the that. I want to find something that has more bang for my buck, with lines in/lines out(like what I thought the elektron box was going to be) but I suppose a multi line midi controlled effect unit is going to be like finding a unicorn. But I want to experiment with playing effects like an instrument.

I suppose I’ll start small with the OT settings and sends on the A4 and AR first. And maybe get the H9 down the road to really explore this. I also forgot that my money’s low after leaving the restaurant.

Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely investigate that is the Elektron New Box 2016 isn’t the holy grail of effects that I want it to be!

My OT is currently out of commission but if I have time this weekend I’ll experiment with sequencing the pitch interval of out of the PitchFactor algorithms in the H9, using an iPad sequencer.

I did, after all, originally get my H9 with the intention of processing one of my analog monosynths and using a MIDI sequencer for program changes and CC control on the H9


Word up! Thanks brother!

Turns out i lost my @#$@#$ing USB-Camera Connector adapter for my @#$##$ing iPad. I guess I could try using my Korg M3 or my Nord Modular G2 to send MIDI CC values to the H9 but each of those guys has a learning curve.

I’m working my way through some Ableton Live Max For Live tutorials now, in the hopes of learning how to construct a basic MIDI CC sequencer. I figure the skills I learn this way have the greatest potential for future reuse.

That’s the problem with the H9 - it doesn’t really respond to MIDI note number.

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I’d urge anyone with FX with midi CCs to investigate and sequence that shit! You can really open up a lot of expressive capability using the Elektron step sequencer to automate external FX.


The H9 also does MIDI over Bluetooth. So it should be possible to sequence it wireless from your iPad.

If you want to see the whole flexibility of the MIDI implementation there’s no need to consult the manual. Just download the free H9 app and use it in demo mode. You can browse all the menus like that.

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Thanks, alfred - I’ll try sequencing the H9 from iPad via Bluetooth soon. If that fails, I’ll fire up the Nord Modular G2 - that seems to have a much more straightforward setup for sequencing MIDI CC than the Korg M3.

Of course Ryan is also free to try things himself - no need to wait for me!

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Ok, I can verify that the H9 can receive sequenced MIDI CC values. Not only that, but you can assign any MIDI CC number to any “knob”. No matter what preset you load up on the H9, you’re always looking at 10 “knobs” that can be tweaked in real time via MIDI CC.

The one caveat of running the H9 Control app is that it MUST be in the foreground. If a sequencer app or any other app is running and sending MIDI to the H9, the other app MUST be in the background. Of course at a gig I’m unlikely to be using H9 Control. I sure won’t be using Bluetooth either. I’m more likely to be working directly with the pedal or just sending MIDI to it.

The test preset on the H9 was one of the PitchFactor ones. I wanted to see if I could play a guitar or electric violin and hear changes in the pitch-shifted interval, as sequenced by MIDI.


You guys are making me want a H9


Not sure if I should start a separate thread about this but here goes.
I would love to control my H9 from inside Ableton Live /Max for Live to be able to make some automations etc. Any thoughts on how to get started with this or where to look for resources? :slight_smile:


Pretty straightforward to do and I do it a bunch for my band’s set. I change presets, bypass and engage the fx, control the looper, change parameters, etc.

This is all done by sending CCs and PCs to the H9: ableton midi clips > midi interface>h9. As another poster mentioned, it’s easy to set up your H9 to control the elements you wish to manipulate using the h9 control app. Then it’s just down to creating the midi clips in ableton to make whatever automation you’re interested in happen when you want it to.

Yep, and usually I use the external audio effect for stuff like this. I don’t have an H9 but do have an eclipse, it works great.

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You should just set a midi track with external device midi channel set to H9 channel. Chek H9 midi CC settings. Then adjust Live clip midi envelopes with corresponding CC.

Haven’t tested, but should work that way. (Have Live9 and 2 H9s - should perhaps test :slight_smile: )

Some Max for Live note data to CC converter devices would be also interesting to test.

This could be useful with Max for Live:

Oh man I cant wait to try control the H9 from OT… atm H9 midi in is hooked up to OT via my Vermona Perfourmer midi Thru purely to receive midi clock. I temporarily disabled incoming CCs on the H9 as doing a program change on the OT also changed preset on the H9. Which annoyed the hell out of me.