Is it possible to migrate my Digitakt projects to Syntakt?

Hi! i’ve bought a Syntakt device and want to copy/migrate projects from Digitakt to Syntakt? Is it possible?

manually yes. digitakt is a sampler.
you would have to recreate sounds. you might get away with migrating midi via overbridge and a daw, but that’s probably about it

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There’s no onboard translation, plus tbh, given how much complexity is baked into the sequencer i’d give up completely on this being a potential ‘solution’ pathway … instead manually recreate anything you’re attached to … but that doesn’t sound like fun, so i wouldn’t advocate it and especially not if you want to keep DT anyway

In terms of migrating Projects, at that level - it’s a resounding no

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Sad. It’s just a hobby but i’d like to keep my first projects. I have no time to recreate them manually…

Not even sure how this would work? The Syntakt can’t produce all the sounds the Digitakt can, it’s a totally different type of machine… you could in theory copy the trigs but they’d be pretty meaningless without the sounds. Unless I’ve totally misunderstood!

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Record midi notes* from DT to ST with a cable, and try to reproduce sounds.
A lot of work !

*To send midi notes of audio tracks, you have to copy tracks to midi tracks.


Thanks all for advices!
Seems it too complicated for me.

Model:Cycles (or Analog Rytm to a certain degree) to Syntakt would make more sense

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You could do project by project via Overbridge and pattern chaining.

Record the midi notes for separate tracks in overbridge.

Live record mode on Syntakt, switch the midi output from digitakt to syntakt and let those midi notes get recorded onto the syntakt

Obviously this doesn’t work for fills/conditions

this would make for a good feature update

take everything that is specific to the sequencer (trigs, conditions, fills etc) and export them via Overbridge - then load them into another device
Obviously the sounds and parameter lock etc wouldn’t come across
but the trig themselves should


Yes, some tool which exports a project with all dependencies and convert everything what’s possible to new format.

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…what a silly question…love it…

since ur already aware of the impossible by now, maybe it’s the perfect time to record ur dt projects just the way they are and start to know ur st by finishing ur old project recordings with nice digital/analog hybrid synth voice add ons from ur new device…


I’m intriged by this. So should this migration software also do some fourier / audio analysis of all tracks that uses samples on the Digitakt and auto generate patches for the different machine types on the Syntakt?

That would be a powerful software, with probably unexpected results. Imagine covers made with that ! :content:

Honestly speaking i’m newbie with Syntakt. I’ve just bought it yesterday and was sure it’s 8 sampler tracks as in Digitakt + 4 synth tracks :smile: But after today’s investigation i realized that’s absolutely different thing… and i’m more glad that i’ve gotten it. Really cool thing!

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