Is it possible to play a sample 64 bars long in a loop

New owner:–first thing I want to do is play my stereo backing track (made in Ableton)
Its 64 bars long .
I have placed a one shot trig at step 1 , scale 16/16
problem is after bar 64 i get silence (from bar 65)
How do i make the Octatrak loop bars 1-64?

thanks in advance

Did you turn on looping??

As i read it: you got 1 sample (big, but still 1 sample) you want to repeat until your blue in the face…
So go to file-editor… turn on looping… and or force looping in track/sample propperies…
Double-tap the playback button… there is where you can force looping yes or no.

worked 100% thanks
Double-tap the playback button… there is where you can force looping yes or no

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why so complicated? :confused:

just use a normal trig instead and use scale 64/64.

That’s 64 steps, not 64 bars :wink: . I think the maximum length for a pattern in bars is 32 (64 steps at 1/8). Usually I prefer to retrigger loops rather than actually loop them, but I don’t think it’s possible here unless my maths is off (which is definitely not outside the realms of possibility).

yep… see it now… soz - you’re absolutely right, NickD.

can’t verify this right now, but what happens if you set your master length to 1024? (p.94, manual)

I trigger loops longer than 32 bars from Cirklon, have found no way to do it from OT unless the loops are perfect enough to loop independently after a manual trigger. Maybe 1/8th speed and 64 steps still isn’t slow enough for the long stuff.

I don’t think that would have much effect - in fact, depending on the master division it might make the pattern restart earlier. The 1024 means that every track will reset after 1024 steps (so it’s useful if you have polyrhythms that you want to reset after every sixteen bars, say). So a 64-step pattern would presumably only last 16 bars max (64 * 16 = 1024) if the master track was running at 1x. Although the more I think about that the more convinced I am that it might be gibberish…

I was thinking along the lines of the “reset” rearming the oneshot trig, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

You can def get longer loops if you change the master setting AND the track setting,
though ive only ever done this with 8 bar loops,
i think 64 bars would be a pain in the ass in the OT!!

I use quite often samples longer than 64 steps, but always sampled by the OT at the same tempo, so if I loop the sample, it wont go out of sync over a longer period of time.
I think that if you have a longer, rhythmic pattern/sample, made outside of the OT, using the looping technique won’t give a good result, it will drift after a while. Even if it was made at the same bpm etc. The length error will add up fast, cumulative.

Hi @bozobreak Do you sample on the ot with the RLEN=MAX setting? But afterwards, how do you make perfect loops out of theses recordings, that do not drift when triggered with a one shot trig?