Is it possible to route Digitone's audio over USB to OP-Z

I am currently setting up these two excellent pieces of gear as an all-in-one minimalist workstation, I want to route Digitone’s audio over USB to OP-Z but I can’t get it to work.

I am using a generic USB cable for this which I tried routing Digitone to my mobile phone and it works.

I also tried routing my MacBook Pro’s audio to OP-Z using the original USB to USB-C it works as well.

So I am thinking if it’s a USB cable issue or I’ve overlooked something in the Digitone’s USB config which is set to USB Audio/Midi.

Thank you in advance!

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I don’t own any of the devices, but since I got curious I took a quick look. From what I can gather from their web page the OP-Z can act as USB Host for “most” midi devices, but not for audio. For USB audio, it has to act as an USB client and be connected to a host (like your phone or mac).

Specifically this:
“note: the connected device needs to be a usb audio host in order for OP–Z to recognize it.”

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should work with aggregated devices and tools like “loopback” or similar. a bit qwirky thou.

Well I guess this answers my query. Thanks a lot bro!

I also saw another post in reddit saying that the Digitone is not a USB host.

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it is not stated in the manual that the DN is a USB host but this can be found on page 20

The Digitone is a class compliant device (also known as plug-and-play). It means it does not require any extra drivers to connect to your computer or other USB class compliant hosts

That doesn’t mean it’s a host, the Digitone is not a USB host.

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Exactly. I had an op-z and still have a DN. It’s not possible to have audio over USB between those two devices, I tried. Midi over USB is no problem.

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