Is it possible to set a default template for new projects on the elektron rytm?

Hi guys,

Quick question, i use very similar settings for compression, curious as to whether it’s possible to have them set as default to save time on starting new projects.

Thanks in advance!

Compression is not part of the project as such, but of the kits within the projects … best thing to do may be to set your kits up as you like then create a template project which you copy when you make a new project - but the answer is no, although you can work around it … it’s trickier because kits aren’t browsable between projects


Great thanks:)


I’ve gone about it like @avantronica described above. Make a kit that uses solely synthesis and set the compression to your needs, then once you’ve saved it you can copy and paste the kit between projects very easily.

Note that you must be in the kit selection page to copy and paste.


Super useful, thanks. :black_heart: