Is it possible to turn off "Int to main" on the A4?

I want to use the A4 as an audio interface and record it into a DAW. When I do this, I’m getting a feedback loop between the A4 and the DAW. On the Digitakt and Digitone I can turn off “Int to main”, which lets me listen to only the audio coming in from the DAW. I couldn’t find that option in the Routings menu on the A4. Is this possible at all?

You can deactivate the tracks from the main output. In Audio Routing menu (System settings).

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I see in the manuals that the mk2 has two extra options, USB IN and USB OUT. I have the mk1, which doesn’t mention these. Is that what you meant?

No, sorry.
You have to go to global settings, then Audio Routing and then you will see the Routing Options: Main output and FX, deactivate or activate the tracks there.

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And use individual outputs on your DAW

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Thanks, I got it to work without getting any feedback, but with the main outs deactivated, I no longer have my FX. Is there a way to get the FX too, without getting feedback?

My own workflow is far from perfect when working with a DAW, but here are some constraints I tried to work with:

  • Individual outs are dry.

  • You can have a FX track as one track in your DAW.

  • You have to make a choice between having individual outs and having FX.

  • You have to make a choice between listening to the machine direct sound or listening to the DAW out, or you’ll introduce phasing effects between the two sounds due to DAW latency.

  • Disable A4 audio interface inputs to avoid feedback loop.


Damn, it is as I feared. I usually pack away all my gear when I’m not making music, so being able to just grab the A4 and use it with a DAW without also having to get the DT or AH would be pretty convenient.

Get yourself a case with all plugged! :tongue:

My workflow with Overbridge and Ableton is clearly suboptimal.
For instance, I mute the DAW main out when recording the A4, then mute the A4 and unmute the DAW main out for playback. There must be some better way.

With OB you should be able to record the MIDI notes and parameters in your DAW, so that you can replay your track entirely, adjust the sound and record the main outs.

I haven’t done this since OB was out so I can’t tell you more in this, but I definitely did this once, and should try to do this again actually.

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