Is it possible to use the Analog 4 for EXT IN FX?

I have posted previously on this and still unable to get the A4 working with Ableton as a FX only.

I want to output drums from ableton to A4 filter and FX and then back into ableton.

I have tried overbridge but no success and tried audio out of interface to A4 and main out to interface but no success.

Anyone done this before?

You have to set the osc1 to ext (external) and open the amp envelope, to pass ext audio in through filter and effects. Then you can either use overbridge (via usb) out, or main out, to get audio back to ableton.


Thanks for the reply.

I have finally worked it out. This is probably the most convoluted way to do this but I was able to do it :woozy_face:.

For those also seeking an answer;

  • L mono OUT from audio interface into A4 Ext IN L
  • A4 MAIN OUT L&R to audio interface IN L&R
  • Trk 1 on A4 and Sequencer trig at start and sequencer playing
  • OSC1 L WAV IN (level turned down to 0)
  • AMP release and sustain open
  • Ableton track Audio out to A4 track - Sidechain 1/2 A4
  • on A4 overbridge select input routing 1/2 to track 1
  • A4 track OUT to separate audio track A4 Trk1
  • Arm ableton A4 Trk1 and enable IN

Hope this helps anyone else.

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