Is it worth buying a Digitakt if not really interested in using it for sampling?

Hey there,

I currently have a Model Cycles and a Digitone and someone is selling a Digitakt locally for a reasonable price.

The thing is, I’m not really that interested in sample based synthesis, although that might change by owning a device that can do it.

Just wondered if the Digitakt by itself offers much in the way of being a drum machine over the Model Cycles? I love the Digitone and currently use it mainly for melodic stuff with the Model Cycles providing the percussion.


I think it would round out the palette of sounds you’re currently working with. even if you don’t like the process of sampling itself, you can just fill it with samples of various drum machines and synths and you’ll get a whole new world of sound. plus it will allow you to expand the number of voices you’re working with. if you’re using up all the polyphony in one of the other boxes but want to add more to the track, sample what you’re working with into the DT and free up that voice.

if it’s a great deal and you think you can sell it at no loss, there’s very little risk to just trying it out and seeing if it’s for you. it’s a tremendous first (or last, even) sampler, for sure. and since you know the DN, you should have no problem getting around the OS.


Pretty much this. Its a really capable sample sequencer if you are just loading percussion samples. Model:Samples is worth thinking about for the same use if you are thinking M:C and the M:S can be any drum machine you want : )

Just as a point of comparison, the TR8S is around the same price as a DT and is a fine instrument IMO. However it doesn’t ultimately have the same possibilities as the DT for the same money.

Digitakt is basically an 8-voice synth (with 8 mono sequencer tracks) that uses samples as its oscillators. That’s how I see it, as my thing (most of the time) is picking tiny parts of waveforms, looping them, and seeing how I can shape them into anything I want really - kicks, hats, bass, pads, chords (using more than one track), noise, textures, whatever. If you’re curious to see what can be done when you can change the oscillator to anything you can think of that makes a noise and you won’t lose too much by reselling it, go for it. However, you don’t seem all that interested in sampling judging by your first post, so maybe it’ll just get in the way and make you less productive? Only you can answer these things :slight_smile:


The great thing about DT is it can sound like anything, you just have to curate the samples to feed it with. MS too, but the DT is WAY more advanced. I’ve been using mine for a few weeks and I still haven’t got round to actually sampling with it.

The Digitakt’s midi sequencers are each four note polyphonic, not mono.

I know. Didn’t mention the midi tracks. They are v useful tho, especially for sampling chords :slight_smile:

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Apologies, I misunderstood your post. :blush:

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