Is my digitakt broken? Key stuck on purple

Not had my digitakt for long - I’m not sure if it’s broken or if I’ve somehow triggered a function which isn’t in the manual?

Basically one of the trig keys (13) is stuck on a faint purple colour. Here’s some notes

  • If I go into pattern mute mode then it’s bright purple when unmuted (as expected), but faint purple when muted (should be off)
  • In track mute mode it never goes bright green. Muted is faint green (should be off), unmuted is faint purple (should be green)
  • selecting the track makes it go red as expected
  • clicking PTN (for pattern select) makes all the buttons white, except 13 purple (should be white) and currently selected pattern is red
  • This behaviour is the same across all projects (including the default one) and all patterns

I’ve turned it off and on, haven’t factory reset (don’t want to lose everything, haven’t even connected to a computer yet as I’m on big sur and was just going to play with the hardware until overbridge works with sur)

It works fine. It sequences and mutes midi all correctly. It just seems all screwey with the colours.
It seems like a fault, but these boxes have hidden secrets

I’d hazard a guess and say it’s an LED issue with that particular track button. If all mute modes work as they should, which it sounds like they do. I wouldn’t know how to fix that myself, but other folks on here might. If you’re under warranty still, contact Elektron via email and ask them about it. It’s probably worth the fix. Check the forum with a forum search and you may find your answer.

You can also try test mode. Hold FUNC whilst powering on Digitakt -> 1 -> then trigs 3/4/5 to test LEDS.

Thanks - I have searched the forum… il try the test mode.

Like that ?

HI - no- - that’s song patter mute mode.

It’d definitely faulty - I’ve contacted Elektron, and they’ve told me to arrange a return. Only had it a week! here you can see it in test mode with the totally wrong colour showing up, in mute global mode (with only one track - 1 - unmuted) and in just normal play mode with nothing happening, and track 6 selected.


He will come back stronger and more pleasant than ever !

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