Is my Octatrack broken?

My Octatrack has started misbehaving badly! It will work fine for a bit and then every time I turn a knob the dial on the screen highlights as if it’s P-locking, then the 15th trig stays locked on and the record/play/stop buttons only function as copy/clear/paste!!!

I’ve tried multiple projects and I’ve gone back to the previous OS to see if that helps but nadda…

Any ideas out there???

Massive thanks in advance to anyone than can advise

Sounds to me like the trig 15 button is stuck, dirty or something. Don’t have any recommendations on how to fix/clean it though but I suspect it is not a biggie.

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Thanks for that JSZ. I e-mailed elektron saying it seems the 15th trig is stuck and have heard nothing except one message saying ‘I think your 15th trig is stuck’

Does anyone have any tips on fixing this type of issue? and/or getting a response out of Elektron?

I’ve got gigs to play and no bloody sampler!

Sounds like the Fn button is sticky to me, just a wild guess. But try fast tapping all the buttons to release the stuck one

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I re-read the original post and realized my diagnose is probably wrong, yes the Function button seems sticky too. I don’t know anything about electronics but maybe this is something that could happen if something was somehow shorted inside the unit.

I hope everything works out well and you tell us what the problem was.

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I’m not having any luck getting the buttons unstuck and Elektron are not replying to my messages through the site. Does anyone have any tips on how to get hold of them???

I think a £1k bit of kit should come with some decent support really!

That’s a shame. It’s a typical tale at the moment unfortunately. They said on this forum that they were a few weeks behind on support queries if that helps, sadly most enquiries are likely to be less serious than yours. Someone mentioned phoning as an option!

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After I suggested that, someone reported that they tried phoning but we’re referred to the support web page. Someone else suggested complaining about any slow response to support tickets on Elektron’s Facebook page.

@Nolan Dialta: make your life more interesting :wink: flip the front fascia open and take a peek inside; it’s the only way to clean